Running Over 50

 I first published this page as introduced by a post on the distance I've come from the days when elementary school classes taught me that I wasn't an athlete. I hope to include here, eventually, I few other posts on running and fitness over 50 from my blog archives. As well, I'm hoping to begin a monthly round-up on what I've been up to, running and exercise-wise.

Apparently, many potential readers come to this blog looking for writing about Running Over 50.
I seldom write specific posts about my running, but yes, I'm definitely over 50 (60 next year, in fact). And yes, I run. I ran my first Half Marathon when I was well over 50, and so far in my 50s, I've run a total of 7. My first took 2 hours and 12 minutes, and by the 4th, I'd got within a minute or two of breaking 2 hours. Couldn't do it, though, until last fall's Diva on the Run at Jericho Beach, when my much faster and much younger sister ran with me, pacing me to a gasp-inducing and triumphant 1:55 (cue the Rocky score!! or should that be Chariots of Fire?).

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to beat that time -- after all, I'm not getting any younger, right? But I did a pretty decent sub-2 Half Marathon in February (the Vancouver First Half) and then I ran a 42:14 8K for the Harry's Spring Run-Off in Vancouver. Mostly, I do the organized runs to get together with my sisters and to pop a bit of discipline into my running by having a goal to aim at.

Recently, I've been trying to listen to the tenderness in my left shin and the tightness in my left hip. My twice-weekly Pilates helps mitigate against my muscles' tendency to contract, but my schedule falls apart in the summer. In fact, I haven't been to a Pilates class since June, although I'm signed up to start again second week of September. What I've been doing instead is yoga, and I think I'll mix it up this fall -- one Pilates class a week instead of two, with yoga at least once, perhaps more.

As for the running, I try to fit in 2 or 3 runs during the week, usually between 3 to 5 miles. Then Saturday mornings, I like to do a long run, at least 90 minutes, more if I'm planning on a Half. At the moment, for example, I've got my long run up to 16K (10 miles), and will be adding 1 or 2Kms each week.  If you're curious, you can follow my running progress on the Daily Miles widget in the right column of this blog.

And can I admit here that I sometimes dare to think about doing a full marathon someday? Every time I start thinking it might be possible, I seem to bump into some injury or other, but maybe . . .
Since I first wrote this, I went on to declare my commitment to the 2013 BMO Vancouver Marathon but then later wrote about why I've postponed that distance, for a variety of reasons. . . . 

What about you? What's your running story?
And if you have any questions for an amateur runner, waaaay over 50, send them to me, fsproutATgmailDOTcom, and I'll try my best to answer them.

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And I did run that marathon! Here are a few posts about that wonderful experience.

May 2015: Really need to update this page. I just posted this piece on running in Paris with my sister. We managed four good runs in a week's visit and in some ways, those runs changed the way I see and move in Paris.


Angela said...

Hello, I was delighted to discover your blog, especially when I saw that you are also a late-50s runner. I also ran yesterday in our gorgeous fall weather. Coincidently, I''m also living on a small island with a place in Vancouver. All the best with your running. I'll follow your progress on your widget. I recently started a website and I provided some info on my running on the "about" page. Like you, I plan to write more about running in the future. I will add a blog roll to my site soon and will include a link to yours. It seems there aren't many "femmes d'un certain age" who run.

materfamilias said...

Pleased to meet you, Angela! What a gorgeous, gorgeous website you have with absolutely splendid photography. I look forward to reading about your running, perhaps following your progress to Vancouver Marathon 2013 -- you're much speedier than I am!
And yes, I think our numbers are limited -- at least those of us of a certain age who run AND blog.

Anonymous said...

you're busted now!

Unknown said...

So glad to find you. I'm 52, grandma of one, running and writing on my blog, "SeeGrandmaRun!"

materfamilias said...

Happy to see you here, Linda. I've got almost a decade on you, but we grandma runners should stick together!

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