Other Travel

I'm hoping to provide easy access, here, to information on our travels to France, Portugal, London, San Francisco, and, more domestically, to British Columbia's interior as well as to Eastern Canada.
Again, though, this will take time. Thanks for your interest and your patience.

Added, November 2012: Finally, my first effort to "populate" this page with links to posts I've written on travel. Click here if you're interested in reading about budget-friendly hotels we have stayed at in Europe. I hope to add to this before too long.
And January 2013: I've added another installment on budget-friendly hotels: Metz, Paris, London
July 2013: If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Barcelona, I highly recommend the Hotel Curious (in the same post, I chat a bit about how I search out a hotel in a city I haven't visited before)
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