Friday, February 16, 2018

Five Things Friday, Palm Springs to Vancouver. . . .

1.  Let me lead with the lizard, if you don't mind. Worth clicking on that photo to enlarge -- the colours are mesmerising, and I'm thinking they could be the inspiration for a future Fair Isle sweater.

2. And the lizard's horizontal sunning inspired my own lounging
 No, you're right, that's not a Selfie. Someone was conscripted . . .

I made him take a few shots, because I really loved the textures and lighter tones of this outfit (Levi 501s, Tiger Onitsuka sneakers, Aritzia embroidered top) after the darker and more wooly or "napped" garments I've been wearing all winter. And somehow that gold, and the lounge chair's woven squares, and the sun and shadows, and the tumbling shapes of those stones -- something struck me as nearly Klimtian here. . .
 Sigh. . . all these items have been laundered and tucked away in their winter homes again. . .
 3. The riotous and glorious colours to be found inside Palm Springs' Saguaro Hotel, where we met Kurt Cyr of Palm Springs Mod Squad for our Essential Palm Springs tour. Paul and I both highly recommend adding at least one of these tours to your itinerary if you visit P.S. Kurt is personable, entertaining, obviously knowledgeable but never pedantically so, and he's very well organised -- not a minute of wasted time on a jam-packed (but not exhausting) survey of the city's architectural treasures (I'll show you a few photos from the van window next week, 'kay?). Plus -- and big bonus for this hearing-aid wearer -- he speaks so clearly that I could hear him in my (very comfortable) back seat of the van).
 Before the tour, Paul and I wandered around the Saguaro, where this gorgeously detailed-- and brilliantly amusing -- installation by Sarah Scheidemann hung on the wall opposite the reception desk (scroll down for that reception area-- have you ever been greeted so fabulously in a hotel?!)
 A row of bikes in the lobby for guests to borrow. . .

Our tour ran from 11 to 12:30, perfect timing for us to follow up with a lunch in the hotel's El Jefe (also recommended: order a Margarita and the short ribs carnitas!). Sorry, I took no photos in El Jefe -- concentrating on the food!

And now, if it's not too much of a "Thunk!" I'll return us to my reality, here in cold and wet Vancouver. . . .

4. This was me, the day after I got back from Palm Springs (Wednesday), dressed for the light layer of slushy snow that had fallen overnight. Woolen beret, check; scarf (hand-knit, alpaca lace), check; tailored wool coat, check; grey tights, check; waterproof, traction-sole Blundstones, check; M0851 small cross-body bag, check. . . . 
 Honestly, though? I really don't mind. It's very good weather for a couple of my favourite activities -- reading (see that book I'm returning to the library, above) and knitting

5. my Birkin sweater, which is progressing nicely -- yesterday I added about four inches of stocking stitch in the main colour (dark brown) below the Fair Isle yoke (photographed on Wednesday -- the sun did come out in the afternoon -- yay!)
And I still do manage to get out and walk, as long as I'm dressed properly (and carrying an umbrella!). This weekend, the weather forecast even teases that I might be Walking on Sunshine (Wow!) -- although it adds a proviso (sunshine will arrive with below-freezing temps of Minus 6 to 8 Celsius). Not Palm Springs, but it's home, sweet home. . .

Up Next Week: Some hints about some Spring Travel -- we have one shorter trip (5 or 6 hours' driving) and one longer one (back to Europe) and another post about Solo Travel.

But for now: What are you up to this weekend? What colours are inspiring you (or bringing you down)? Are you out lounging in sunshine? Or inside with a good book? Swaddled in scarves or Sauntering in Shorts? Playing Tennis or PickleBall (my sister-in-law's new enthusiasm, as I heard in Palm Springs)? Being a Couch Potato or Snow-shoeing? (Oh, and speaking of books, the conversation is beginning over at the post I published last week on my Reading Blog. Honestly, I often think those conversations are the best reasons for you to visit me! 


  1. For some reason, I'm totally freaked out by a fake spider sculpture but lizards, no issue.

  2. I love Lizards & that one is very handsome . The first one I ever saw was in a bath in our hotel room on Capri , desperately trying to blend in with the colour of the bath . There have been more since & we have a very realistic big pottery one , made by a local artist , crawling up our kitchen wall . I also like Peter Robinson & Klimt - have never put them in the same sentence before though . Tomorrow will be spent travelling to the north of Scotland , about eight hours drive including dog stops , where we’ve hired our favourite cottage for two weeks . No resemblance to Palm Beach there , quite the opposite really , but I think your hotel was great - very snazzy .
    Wendy in York

    1. Sorry Springs , not beach :)

    2. I'm also very fond of lizards. . . don't get to see them too often.
      Have a wonderful time at the cottage -- Reader Linda -- she comments just below -- has recently moved back to a small town/village in northern Scotland. Wave her a hello from me, would you?

  3. What amazingly zingy colours! And I can see where you get the Klimtian resonance from. I love the neutrals offset by the gold. When you got home, did it feel like a lot of work to put on all those layers of clothes, or was it strangely comforting?

    You are very talented with your Fair Isle knitting. Any sort of knitting is beyond me so anything that changes wool colour every few stitches is rather impressive.

    This weekend for me will probably see a visit to my 94 year old uncle, who is still sparky and totally on the ball, the start of a spring garden clear up although I sprained my back at the start of January so will have to go carefully, and wading through a MOOC I rashly signed up for. And perhaps some doing nothing at all. Glad you're getting some sunshine.

    1. Yes, such a wake-up those colours were from what we see here right now in Vancouver, a predominance of grey. . .
      Take it easy with that spring gardening -- back injuries can be so debilitating. But that sounds like a good mix of activities for the weekend -- enjoy! (we're still waiting for our sunshine, but thanks)

  4. Can't wait to read about your architecture tour of Palm Springs! We used to visit fairly regularly when le Monsieur's parents were still with us (they had a condo there). Now I'm sorry that we never took advantage of checking out more of the sights and architecture. Your Fairisle sweater looks as though it's off to a beautiful start!!

    1. Honestly, I'd probably just have stayed poolside, but our daughters had taken that tour on an earlier visit and insisted we check it out. A highlight for me.

  5. Those springy clothes and gold sneakers look very Palm Spring-esque!
    How lovely that you were able to miss some of the wet weather we were having...and more of it is happening today!
    Boots and brollies are definitely required to walk in this liquid sunshine!

    A family Birthday celebration will happen here in our Humble Bungalow and we hope to see the animated film Peter Rabiit with the grands this weekend!

    1. Ha, yes, I guess the metallic gold lent me a bit of the bling necessary for P.S.
      So much wet here -- and slushy snow -- and the sunshine we're promised comes with enough cold to freeze it all in place -- I'm ready for spring!
      Happy Birthday to the appropriate family member and enjoy Peter Rabbit.

  6. We're thinking of getting on a ferry and going somewhere...not sure where yet. I guess with three ferries going in different directions we have a choice.
    I love your gold sneakers....

    1. You have choice indeed! A day trip exploring one of the neighbouring islands -- have fun!

  7. Quite Klimtian,I agree
    White-golden outfit! Lovely!I need to wear something like that now!But,it is cloudy with temperatures below zero (C°)and the best I can do is a white cashmere turtleneck under the coat .
    After my masquerade dinner last weekend,I'm happy only to meet some friends for a coffee and read at home afterwards

    1. Our temperatures are dropping here as well -- and now I'm wishing for white cashmere turtleneck. I have a black one, much more sensible when the Littles are around, but that white sounds so luxurious.
      A masquerade dinner! Did you already tell me about that? Carnevale in Zagreb -- what fun!
      Thought of you yesterday when I deliberated over a choice between a Coffee Americano and an espresso con panna -- kava ca šlagom. . . .

    2. I'm not sure. The theme was Roaring Twenties-or something like 100th anniversary of 1918! So happy that I managed it before that snow in the forecast
      Ooo,lovely,I'm just drinking kava sa šlagom while writing this! What did you choose ;-)?

  8. Winter Vancouver is much more my speed than winter Palm Springs. I think you look wonderful in the winter ensemble required after you arrived back home. Deserts (and sweet lizards) are some of my favorite things, but it's the deserts proper that I'm drawn to, not the resort communities. On Sunday I'm leaving for a vacation in Napa that was supposed to be at Christmas, but was delayed by my bronchitis. I'm hoping the Napa Valley weather is crisp and cool sweater weather. Coat weather would be even better, but that may be asking too much. Our winter has been warm, and almost without rain. You sweater-in-progress looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished piece.

    1. I would have liked to get out into the desert, but we only had four days and didn't bother renting a car. I loved the hike in the hills above, the sparse but fascinating vegetation (that is, I loved it until I didn't, which happened on the fairly steep descent, so hard on ankles and knees).
      We were in Yountville for a few January days seven or eight years ago -- can't say I wore my coat much, but I enjoyed the time there very much. Wishing you the weather of your choice and a happy vacation.

  9. I love those gold trainers, not only the gold but their shape - they look very comfy.

    Light colours and white don't suit me (and are soon covered with Livia's black fur) but I was so happy to find some jeans in a deep red-violet.

    The main problem with such getaways is their carbon footprint. If rail travel were revived, with modern electric trains, that would be much less of a problem.


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