Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Normal Blogging will Resume . . .

We had a wonderful wedding weekend (above, brother and sister on their way to the excitement, showing how Casual Glamour is done).  I'll try to roll out a few photos as the week progresses, but today has to be a catch-up day (or it would be if we didn't have a dinner reservation made weeks ago and a Physio appointment for me, ditto, and a serious need to get to a yoga class and unkink. . . . )

And thank you so much for your kind comments on my last post -- I'll do my best to respond over the next day or two.


  1. They are so cute (and elegant)!
    Looking forward more photos

  2. Bravo catch-up days, they are essential. Lovely picture of the children; love pink on a redhead!


  3. They look absolutely gorgeous...such cute expressions. The red hair gene is obviously strong in your family as well :) beautiful curls!

  4. Well to be precise ... waves! still beautiful though!

  5. Well to be precise ... waves! still beautiful though!

  6. Beautiful children! Congratulations on the official wedding, Leslie

  7. Oh the wee people! Congratulations to all.

  8. Your grandchildren are precious! And their (parents'?) fashion choices for them are spot on! I may copy those looks. I think I could rock them both. :)


  9. Such snappy little dressers . Did your granddaughter choose her own outfit ? most little girls seem to insist on it , or was it her mum's choice ?
    Wendy in York


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