Friday, September 4, 2015

two days in Paris

Just a quick wave with a slew of photos from our two days in Paris where we landed yesterday morning at 8, after two flights totalling some 14 hours in transit. We're loving our little corner of the Marais--I'll give hotel details later, once we've moved on.
But it's safe to say the view's not bad!

And a stroll in the neighbourhood takes us past historic sites that are charming to look at ...
But even the more contemporary residential buildings delight...
My eyes are drawn this way and that. I even spot a few of these whimsical ceramic tile mosaics by the urban artist who goes by the pseudonym Space Invader and has been installing these little works in cities worldwide for many years. Check out @invaderwashere on Instagram, if you're curious, but meanwhile here are my finds
On Rue des Francs Bourgeois
And this one 
Seen on our run this morning, quickly followed by this one, unfortunately photographed with blur
We've also discovered a new-to-us "bonne addresse" and I'll post separately about that soon. Meanwhile, if you'd like to read about a restaurant meal in Italy, with a very cute one-year old, my daughter has just posted on her experience in Abruzzo happily handing her toddler over to the restaurant owner so she and her husband could eat, well, whatever their command of Italian had brought to the table...

Back in Paris, I'll leave you with some photos of the stunning new Fondation Louis Vuitton in Bois de Boulogne, destination of our run this morning (talk about Factory Reset: 18k run the day after 14 hours travel to a time zone 9 hours' difference from home!). Frank Gehry's apparently upset about compromises to his design, but we found the building quite glorious this morning 

Can you spot Paul and I, above?


That will have to do, for now. I've just brewed a cup of tea in our hotel room and it's calling me... Hope you enjoyed the stroll around Paris with me. Please excuse any formatting problems resulting from the mobile platform. A la prochaine, mes amies!








  1. Congrats,what a day!
    Beautiful instalation

  2. I'm on holiday in Wales right now , but enjoyed popping over to Paris with you , thanks
    Wendy - usually in York

  3. When you are in the Marais, visit Café Hugo and Au Père Tranquille (near St Eustache). On Sunday, you might like to visit St. Eustache to hear the organ. Is the Picasso Museum open yet? I stayed on Rue du Pas de la Mule last year and I really became aware of the synagogue nearby. It looks like you have very pleasant Paris weather.

  4. We were watching Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris' last night, so very much in the Paris vibe at the moment. The Gehry building is pretty far out. I'm never really sure whether I like his architecture or not, but it certainly stunning. Enjoy x

  5. And the voyage is off to a brilliant start!

  6. Lovely to see these glimpses of Paris old and modern.

  7. Chops you don't mind a joint response, but mobile platform is not too flexible...Mme, I've noted your recommendations but we only had two days and one was arrival day.
    Marianne, that's a great movie for the Paris vibe. We actually spotted Mr. Allen in St Germaine the year that came out... I think you have to see Gehry's building on site from many angles and perhaps in different weathers....


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