Friday, April 17, 2015

five things, maybe Saturday?

 I had planned to blog a Five Things Friday after spending most of the week in the city. But as I was packing up this morning, I checked in on the newest baby, and turns out Momma could use a break. So she and Baby's Big Sister are out on a date (or an exciting trip to pick up a few groceries, depending on your perspective. 

And I'm doing this . . .
So we could count this as One Thing Friday, but Two to Five will just have to wait.

To be continued. . .



  1. Mater, it is 01.49 here in England. I am back from 3 day school residential trip. In London. With 56 kids. If I had a few hours or so to sleep and shower, I would happily take my shift with baby holding. The bliss. Enjoy...

    1. Oh, I've seen those large school groups in London and they terrify me! I'd never have the patience nor the vigilance. So much sweeter when you can simply hold and breathe and savour the sweetness.

  2. Precious is the perfect description!

  3. I always used to be so grateful when my mother babysat . It's only now that I understand quite how much pleasure she got out of it !


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