Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rainbows are Good News, Right?

Not sure if it's the increased distance I've been running lately (40km a week, with a long run on Saturday of 20+), or the adjustment to the term's schedule, or the impatience for retirement, now that I know I'm heading there, but I'm feeling fatigued . . .

This rainbow the other day (and if you look carefully to the right of the main rainbow, you'll see the ghost of a second one) lifted my spirits and energized me, . . .

And so did coming home on Monday to see a message from Netflix that Last Tango in Halifax is now available -- two seasons! And you didn't tell me that Derek Jacobi starred in it! Fabulous!

So that's my short and sweet "Appreciating the Joy" post for the week . . . Halfway to the weekend now. . . . Any good things helping you get there?


  1. Oh, you will enjoy Last Tango - excellent acting!

  2. I need to see Season 2. The week has been lovely.

  3. I haven't missed an episode. You'll love it!
    Retirement and rainbows - perhaps retirement is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - a pot full of time. That's the real gold.

  4. I watched an episode earlier in the week!
    The weather might be contributing to your has been grey and gloomy here and I think January can be a low time for many of us after the frenzy of the holidays.

  5. Last Tango in Halifax, particularly that first season, is one of the best mood-lifters I have found. And it explores forgiveness, which just warms my occasionally soured heart. Enjoy. And rest up.

  6. Last Tango...sublime TV. And now...Wolf Hall! Fabulous stuff. I put out all the lights and watched in the darkness to get the authentic Tudor gloom. In fact, I am going to watch it again just for the pleasure of it.
    White tulips. White hyacinths. Cheese and biscuits. Cosiness. They are getting me through these dark and chilly times.

  7. Thanks for the heads up about Last Tango in Halifax. I've heard of it, but never watched it.
    A rainbow would surely brighten the spirits in January, and the slowly lengthening days. Enjoy your run towards retirement.

  8. Yah...loved Last Tango in Halifax. We've been watching Shetland on BBC Canada. Based on the mystery novels of Ann's wonderful All brooding, desolate horizons, and lovely accents. Perfect for a Friday night with a fire, a nice glass of Pinot Noir...oh...and Hubby too.

  9. Rainbows are very good news ... and even better if you can find the pot of gold at the end ;o)


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