Friday, October 31, 2014

Boo! Happy Hallowe'en!

I grabbed this photo from my daughter's Facebook status to say Happy Hallowe'en to all of you! I just love my little Hattie's smile, her wee finger pointing with delighted amusement at her whisker-painted face. . . .

I won't be dressing up. Instead, my day has begun with some marking, and then I'm taking a break with a yoga class, then a visit to my hair-stylist. I'm hoping that will be done in time to sneak in a wee nap before a friend joins me late this afternoon for a glass of wine and nibbles. The day feels busy to me already, but I'm pressing the attitude re-set button and recognizing that except for the marking, those are all bucket-filling activities.

Further goodness comes in the anticipation of that extra hour we'll be granted, magically, tomorrow night. With the 25-hour day, all seems possible, no? At least more sleep. And while it will, hereafter, be dark when I come home at the end of the work day, it will, for a few weeks at least, be just enough lighter in the morning that I might be able to see the road I run along at 7 a.m.

And even more goodness, although the kind that I have to measure out carefully. . . . all the leftover mini chocolate bars! Happy Hallowe'en indeed! 


  1. May she always, always, always feel this happy about her face!

  2. Harriet looks so pleased with herself. Hallowe'en is such fun for little ones.

  3. Such joy! May she always have that!

  4. Truly adorable, your girls are.

    We had a windy, rainy, cold Halloween. When we emptied our candy into a big serving bowl, Mr C, who is from New Jersey, where more is minimum, remarked that we didn't have nearly enough. So I made a quick run to market while he watched the door. I came home with four more bags to top off the already overflowing bowl, and wouldn't you know it: the weather prevented all but THREE knocks on our door last night.

    Now we are trying to make sure that candy does nor fall into the clutches of our golden retriever, who's made an art out of sourcing forbidden treats.


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