Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend highlights, shopping included

Busy, productive, really lovely weekend, but little time for

blogging plus I've only got the iPad mini with me. So I'll catch you up in a day or two.
Meanwhile, a camera phone shot I took during my run yesterday morning, about 7:45. Just at freezing, it was glorious weather for running, with only one or two icy patches to avoid.
Weekend highlights: chatting with my lovely daughter-in-law while watching my son cook a fabulous Italian meal, carefully planned with my healthy-eating switch in mind (although I'd said I could do with a weekend waiver)
Being walked home after that beautiful meal by said young couple over the Burrard Street Bridge, city lights sparkling against the dark backdrops of mountain and ocean.
Replacing jeans and bras with new, switching down 2 or 3 sizes in each (and pleased to note the loss was in bra band size, not cup! 'Cause there wasn't any to spare there).
Lunch and shopping with my daughter and granddaughter, for a freshly minted 5-year old's birthday gift. And being introduced to the young woman takIng names for the next available table as "This is my Nana" ....
Pater joined me late this afternoon and has just come back in with our order of sushi, so I'm off to nosh. . . Talk soon. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying all your comments about hair on my last post.


  1. Oh, that sounds like a great time!

  2. Sounds lovely. Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. It looks lovely right now and it sounds as though you had a great weekend. 5 is such a great age!

  4. That is a really beautiful photo. Very Netherlands-esque.

    1. Interesting -- what makes it so, do you think? Probably not the ski hills across the water! ;-)


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