Monday, May 20, 2013

Testing . . . And packing

Just playing with blogsy on my new mini iPad and promising to show you more of my planned six-weeks-in-Europe wardrobe when I get a bit more time. . . So far, this is the core . .. .




  1. It worked! Looking forward to seeing the wardrobe.

  2. The wardrobe will be great ...but it's the new blogsy-skill that truly impresses!

  3. Blogsy - that's something new! The wardrobe is looking very put together.

  4. Is the mini-Ipad hard to use? I am carrying my 13" MacBook Air in Europe and I will have to lighten my load next year. I will be watching to learn more from you because a carry-on wardrobe would be ideal for me. Don't bother with "Paris" by Rutherfurd. There is no real character development only non sequential back and forth between three different families from the Middle Ages to 1968. Predictable and rather like a copycat James Michener book.

    1. I'm finding it quick and useful, intuitive. I do miss a full keyboard as I'm a fast touch typist, and I suspect I will really miss the option of Word, but Paul will be bringing his laptop this time, so I will have a chance to try the mini out, with the luxury of backup. There's a great feature on the iPad keyboard that makes it really easy to add characters to letters. Really brilliant option! Thanks for the feedback on the rutherfurd book. I know exactly the genre you mean . . .


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