Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day changes . . .

 Backing Basking in happiness here. Boxing Day has long been my favourite day of the year -- the work's all done, the fridge is full of leftovers, and there are new books. Never. Never. and more Never have I ever wanted to go shopping, no matter how great the sale promises to be.
 All I want is to sit in my own home and read and knit while eating turkey sandwiches and drinking big cups of tea.

Today, however, we're heading back to our island home in preparation for Nola's arrival, with her family, tomorrow. So instead of my comfy armchair, much of today will be spent in the car, on a big BC Ferry, in our own commuter boat, and, finally, cycling across our wee island's muddy roads. We didn't cook our own turkey, so there will be no leftovers for sandwiches although we do have half a tourti√®re left from Christmas Eve -- no cooking will have to be done today. Paul will build a big fire when we finally get home, and the house will warm quickly. The cat will eventually get over sulking about our absence and settle into a spot on the couch. We will make up a pot of tea and take out our new books.

And every few minutes, one of us will let our eyes drift away from the page, look into our Memory Bank of Movies and Photos, and sigh or chuckle or simply nod contentedly. . .

I'll think of Nola holding her new cousin or pirouetting in this dress I smocked for her aunt 25 years ago. . . .
Or sigh happily, yet again, remembering how great the vest I knit him looked on my son-in-law. I'd been worrying that the idea worked better than the execution, but if he really doesn't like his mother-in-law's handmades, I'll never know . . . the boy's that gracious. (although perhaps he has a No Roses for Harry move planned . . . . )
Many other happy moments to remember and to share with you.

But before we get to those armchairs, we have some packing and cleaning and driving to do. May you have the Boxing Day that makes you happy! I'll get to mine before the day is done. . . .


  1. Shopping on Boxing Day - never, never here either. There are three wonderful books waiting for me beside the tree, but first there is some prep to do for The Great Dane's December 27th birthday - cooking and baking and then a flop onto the couch with a new book.
    Your Christmas with young ones must have been such a treat!

  2. Have a dry ride back to your cozy little island! The new books, tea and fires sound like heaven. Having your little ones around must be such a joy. I'm never certain of the reception my hand knits get from my daughter in law, but they're knit and given with love.

  3. Oh, I love the photo of Nola with Hattie and the other one of Nola looking like a little miss with her hand on her hip. Also, gorgeous vest. Your SIL looks great.

  4. These are the best days. I feel a little sorry for countries without a Boxing Day. How sweet to see Nola in her auntie's dress. Our Miss A wore a similar gown on the day.
    Enjoy coming home and settling in with a book. Delightful.

  5. I love slow days like that when there is no pressure to accomplish much. Mugs of tea and a knitting project go together so well. Enjoy your ferry crossings now that the wind has abated.
    Happy Boxing Day.

  6. Happy Boxing Day! Thank you for sharing so many lovely photos of your family with all of us. It's always a pleasure, visiting here.

  7. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family photos.

  8. I've only been in Canada a couple of times on Boxing Day, and I have to say that I bought several of my favorite kitchen appliances on an epic day of December 26th in Toronto a few years ago. However, I very much enjoyed my low key December 26th of leftovers and snuggling with my niece and drinking coffee with my mom this year.


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