Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday, Such Light!

I'm still managing to take my morning cup of tea down to the beach, although I sometimes grab a blanket to wrap myself in. This morning, I've much to think about, with the wonderful conversation that's emerging and evolving around my Thanksgiving reflections about what we give up to get what we think we want. . . .about the perplexities and surenesses of choices, especially women's, around family and career, hobbies and work, delights and responsibilities. . . .
 Do go back and read the comments -- and the interplay between commenters. Such wise and thoughtful voices there. . .

Feel free to add your words. Or not.
Perhaps just breathe. . . . Sometimes just sitting and letting the words be is enough, isn't it?

Exhale . . . . in this magical fall light . . .


  1. Lovely photos. Sometimes taking a deep breathe is definately enough. Love your blog.

  2. I especially love the quality of light in the first photo.

    I felt rather tongue-tied (is that a mixed metaphor when talking about blogs) and unable to respond to your post the other day. I am still feeling a little bit uncomfortable with my reaction when I think about it and can only point to the myths of all choices being equally valid and of being able to have it all - which I think is true for men, too, but perhaps less visibly and viscerally so in most cases. Provoking, as always.

    1. Interesting -- if your tongue loosens, I'd love to know what triggered the reaction. I do worry that I left the wrong impression about whether one choice is right and another wrong. It's just that I sometimes am conscious that in making choices, something gets lost -- I know, duh! -- most of the time I'm just fine with my choices, but occasionally I do wish for that unreachable moon of having it all! Or at least of being completely at peace with the tradeoffs. . .
      Thanks for commenting now. . . .and hey, are we thinking of meeting up in Vancouver next May?

    2. Oh, to hold the moon in our hands!

      Let's definitely meet up in Vancouver in May!

  3. I woke up in the dark and got home in the dark. Light is not mine, these days. I can only hope that my work product will make up for it. I'm doing my best.

    1. Doing your best is a Kind of Light, perhaps? Still, I wish you find some of the other kind to live in soon. . .

  4. Mater,

    I'm just back from a trip so am enjoying catching up with your blog. Thinking of Robert Frost, with way leading on to way....

    I think that women, and especially those of us who have the luxury of making choices, are keenly aware of the many possibilities before us--and yet are still pressured by the admittedly conflicting and narrow roles that are presented to us as somehow non-negotiable. It's to our credit that we aspire to be and to do all that we can imagine. Somehow though, instead of celebrating all that we do and have done, we castigate ourselves for what is undone--as if it were a failure of effort or a character flaw, instead of the simple reality that each of us is but one person with one life.

    And why oh why is the working world--academic or other--set up to demand and reward a craze-inducing single-mindedness? When we know that it works against productivity, to say nothing of mental, physical, spiritual health?

    Somehow this ties in with a love of (old) boots, but my tired brain will not make the connection just now--


    1. Glad to have you back -- hope your trip was all you hoped for.
      And yes, especially since women seem to be more prone to a wide-spanning peripheral awareness, we often keep the possibilities in imaginative motion even if we've rejected or postponed them.
      I'd love to hear your connection with old boots. . . .I'm already convinced. ;-)


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