Monday, January 16, 2012

Wearing Red, Visible Monday Style . . .

 When I Tweeted last Monday that I was wearing red pants and nobody had commented, I really wasn't expressing disappointment at the lack of attention ('cause that would make me quite the Narcissist, no?).

Rather, having bought these JBrand skinny jeans (the mid-rise Skinny, super-comfortable) at 50% off while Mother-Daughter shopping the weekend before, I had braced myself for some teasing. And I worried that the lack of any commentary at all meant that the look was so egregious that folks were practising that admonition, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

But perhaps the outfit sparked no disapproval because I kept the colour on the bottom and balanced it with neutrals on top. I was pleased with this approach and really liked grounding the combo with my black patent brogues.
 And the little splash of red from a favourite souvenir of Lisbon, a necklace by that city's Carla Amaro for a gesture toward Imogen's "column of colour"
 Still, as toned down as I tried to make the ensemble, the jeans are still RED. What better candidate for Visible Monday? I've been noting some marvelous use of colour over there the last little while. Be sure to check out what's going on this week.

The Rundown?
Red jeans, JBrand; Steel-grey Jersey top, Sandwich (2nd-year); Club Monaco cashmere cardi (3rd-year); Bravo (Browns) black patent brogues (3rd-year);


  1. Love the red jeans. Been wondering if I could pull a pair off. Might have to give it a try.

  2. I love red pants, they're so trendy right now ! I need to buy a pair for me asap =) Kisses

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  3. I love coloured pants - on others. Your red ones look just right, especially with the echo of your necklace. I would like to be brave enough to give them a try myself. I need to be fearless!

  4. You did these red pants so perfectly, Frances - as you said, the balance with neutrals makes it work so well. You're visible in the very best way, and many thanks for linking up to Visible Monday!

  5. I think you have just given me an idea for my day of meetings tomorrow. Red pants it shall be!

  6. I wore red pants recently too. I love them and really don't care if others don't like them. Yours look way better on you than mine do on me!
    I must have missed the post where you last wore them.
    Heck, if I were thinner, I would have about every color of the rainbow of the colored jeans.
    Oh, and I love, love patent leather!

  7. What a great look!! The necklace really clinches it and ties the whole ensemble together.

  8. I think nobody commented because they would have had to say, "Damn that woman has great legs," and then they'd get in trouble.

  9. I guess I missed your red jeans post...oops!
    Just the other day, I was eyeing some red jeans. They are hard to find in my inseam because I am so tall, but I did manage to find one pair. But I haven't been able to pull the trigger. You look so great in yours, maybe I should click away to owning a pair of my own :)

  10. You look so adorable Mater. I love the red jeans!

  11. The red is brilliant, beacuse it is a lovely shade of red. Often the colour jars, but if the dye hold well and gives a true red then they look so much better than some cheaper shades.

  12. Tracey: Especially if you can find them on sale as I did (Aritzia. . . )
    Vale: And altho' they're "trendy" I'm hoping they'll have some staying power, style-wise.
    Lorrie: They're not for everyone, that's for sure! Nor for everywhere or everyday. But they are fun.
    Patti: Thank you!
    Adrienne: No, there wasn't an earlier red jeans post, just a Tweet. I'll admit I've hesitated over red jeans for months, buying cognac cords instead, last October. But these were on sale, and a real sale --50% off, overcoming all resistance!
    Susan T: Aw thanks!
    Alison: I do think this particular shade is perfect. I can't do any reds that veer toward orange. And the JBrand are a very good quality Japanese Twill which grabs the dye so well. Glad to have your artist eye's opinion.
    Lisa: Aw, shucks. Blushing. . .

    Terri: Go for it! Shake that meeting up a bit!
    Debbie: And I bet yours were very well accessorized!
    Pseu: I do think the necklace made a difference -- just the right amount of red to refer to the jeans without overwhelming me. Thanks for noticing.


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