Friday, January 20, 2012

Still Winter!

 Yesterday's snow photos were all taken in my garden. A bit later, I headed off for a walk round our little island, keeping the camera ready for palette inspirations and the lovely calming effects of snow.

I know these weeds are scrubby, but the hint of red in the dried fern's brown appeals to me.
 As do the slender spikes of a sedge grass . . .
 What about the elegant geometries of this evergreen?
 And the classic "pop of red"!
 Below, it becomes obvious how beautifully brown and red work together . . .

Tired of snow photos yets? Our white landscape is being eroded by nastily icy rain, accompanied by some heavy wind. I know it won't be enough to close our campus, but it's making the roads and parking lots hazardous. I can't help regretting my afternoon commitment to a volunteer Book Club I instituted for International students who want to talk about books without enduring the discomfort of marks, essay-writing, etc. I enjoy the students' enthusiasm, of course, but today would have been a stay-at-home day otherwise, and now I'll be walking up those slippery hills to campus (unless the roads are better than I think they are, in which case I'll drive, nervously).

Still, it's pretty for the moment. . . And perhaps the rains will clear a path for my long run this weekend. What about you . . . any weekend plans?


  1. Such delicate beauty! More photos would be a treat. I'm loving deep winter in Montreal, which is far sunnier than the old city. And it just happens to justify frequent hot chocolates.

  2. I'm not tired of your photos one bit! Keep them coming. The red berry shot is my favorite.

    Be careful out there. We have had some rain recently, after a long dry spell, and there were loads of traffic accidents yesterday and this morning.

    I know what you mean about sometimes dreading volunteer commitments. I feel that, too. But I always feel better after I volunteer.

    Weekend plans include watching the San Francisco 49ers beat New York this Sunday, earning them a position in the Super Bowl, thinning out my scarf and jewelry collections, cooking, cooking and more cooking, and possibly getting together with friends to meet their new baby. Oh, and enjoying all of this lovely rain we're having.

    Happy Friday!


  3. I always enjoy your photos, especially snowy ones. I'm jealous! We've been having rain, much needed rain actually. My dry eyes have finally cleared up.

    This weekend? Sewing and French :).

  4. It's important to take these walks in the snow when we can because the snow disappears so quickly. No rain here yet, but the temperature is slowly rising.
    I hope the campus wasn't too slippery and that the book club enthusiasm made up for the precarious trip.

  5. Your photos are wonderful, thank you for this glimpse of island beauty! Here in the Chicago area it is very cold & has been snowing for the last 6 hours. Looks like winter is finally here. So tonight we will keep warm by making pizza (oven at 500) & the rest of the weekend depends on how much snow we actually get. Has Nola made a snowman yet this year?

  6. I was stranded in Nanaimo overnight on Wednesday. It was slippery. I'd have stayed at home if I could've, but needs must and there I was, stuck. It's so good to be home with the rain clattering against the steel roof, promising to chase away all that snow.

  7. Beautiful you just stay in town on weekends like this. Can't imagine the ride to the island in WEATHER.

  8. Snow is so much nicer outside NYC, where it turns grey and yellow in a matter of hours.

  9. A star in your crown, as my mother would say. Hope you had a good turnout.

  10. Duchesse: Interesting difference. I generally think of Montreal (like Ottawa) being somewhat colder for winter, but didn't realize sunnier. Hot chocolate & snowstorms, mmmmmm.
    Adrienne: A busy weekend ahead of you -- I envy you the new baby visit; it's always a privilege and such a pleasure to meet one.
    Susan T: Odd though it is for me to hear of rain being received gratefully, I'm glad you're enjoying it -- and, especially, that your eyes are.
    Lorrie: The temperature rose more quickly than expected and a steady rain cleared the streets fairly well. Only two students showed up, but they'd done the reading and had pages of notes, so it was worth the effort.

  11. Hello! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I find you through Raquelita's blog (The Running Historian) and think your blog is lovely. You remind me of one of my stylish and fun aunts :-)

  12. Diane: Welcome! and thanks so much for commenting. Your pizza-making sounds like a good way to counteract the chill outside. As for Nola's snowman-making, I don't know that but it's a question worth a Skype call.
    Pondside: Ah, so you could have waved across the harbour to me! It sounds as if the roads were quite bad downtown Nanaimo on Wednesday -- glad to hear you got home (through Malahat?) safely. Our snow is almost gone now, washed away by yesterday's & last night's heavy rains.
    Terri: Our main house is on our little island and I work in town (the small city) but we have no place to stay in town. Our Vanc'r apartment is a 90-minute ferry ride (and 15-kilometre drive) from here, so we're only there weekends & holidays (although until Paul retired he was there throughout the week, working) -- And YES, the ride can be a bit hairy when the weather's rough.
    WendyB: Here, it's almost always gone in a week when temps rise, rains follow . . .
    Duchesse: Only 2, but see above re their enthusiasm . . .

  13. Rosiecat: I'm so pleased you took the time to visit and to comment. And thanks for the compliment!


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