Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Natural Wardrobe Inspirations . . .

 SQUEEE! Woot! Woot! I'm in such a good mood because we have a snow closure on our campus. I can play hooky, legally! So it's a day of reading, some knitting, and even a walk in the snow with my camera later to collect some pretty photos to show you.

But it's too early for that right now. . . the sun's not even up. Instead, I thought I'd show you some images from the other day when some paddlers stopped their outrigger to take a wee break. I was struck by how closely the palette resembled my red-jeans-outfit. Go, have a look if you can't remember. See what I mean.

Oh, what the heck. Here, I'll post a shot right here.
 See what I mean? The steely grey in the jersey could be drawn from that dark just at the horizon, and the taupe is clearly from the rocks. You can't see the necklace's ochre beads well, but they echo the tone of the logs in the shot above.

And while it was the outrigger's red that brought the outfit to mind, I realized that the red inspiration was already in the landscape, if less prominently. . .
 Fun to recognize the way Nature influences my wardrobe. . . .

Oh, and before I go, if you click to enlarge the photo below, you'll see the heads of at least four sealions. We think they're here because the herring are arriving, although it does seem earlier than other years. . . and they've stopped their honking for the time being.
But perhaps the snow will get them going again. I'll be off for a walk in it today; pretty easy to imagine the primary influence snow will have on my clothing choices (hint, layers, wool, snuggly stuff!), but I wonder what colours the snow's white will emphasize, what lingering influences that wintry landscape will have on my wardrobe palette. . .

Do you think your surroundings influence the way you combine colours in your dress? or in your home?


  1. Love that image of the red berries and the kayak. Great composition!

    We have a snow day here too.
    I plan on working on my knitting project which is a baby blanket in blue...what are you knitting?

    Keep warm,

  2. I think my clothing selection either mimics the landscape (lots of greys at this time of year) or contradicts it (once in awhile I just want something BRIGHT). It's a thought to chew on.

    I'm planning on a walk to collect snow photos as well, but it's really blowing out there just now, so I'll stay indoors and read or sew. Enjoy your serendipitous day at home!

  3. Gorgeous winter scenery! Yes! I am often inspired by nature's colors and textures. Love those red berries against the soft brown branches and grey me ideas....

  4. I love it when you share photos of your environment. So beautiful.

    Yes, I love the colors in nature, especially the flowers when Spring comes. Our bulbs are already poking up.

  5. I think the only colors I would wear if I were drawing from my natural surroundings these days would be browns and greys. We've had such a strange winter with not much snow and a number of unseasonably warm days followed by windy and subfreezing days. But maybe I'm not paying enough attention.

  6. I think surroundings definitely influence what I wear - though having said that, I haven't worn my red jeans since summer but maybe that's because of their shape (Capri pant) rather than the colour.

    Praying for a snow week!

  7. Here (Montreal), the first swirling, impressive storm last week; all is glittering white and ice. I do respond to the landscape, WIth 100k winds (last night) one's primal self just wants to burrow and order more sweaters! Am surprised by how deep winter urges me to assemble more warmth.. .even though, in these times, my apt. is as warm as a Florida beach.

  8. Oh I think the landscape and the light definitely plays a role in what I want to wear and inspires me. We alternate between sunny here, and therefore relatively warm, and it is nice to be far enough south that sun equals warmth, or gray and damp and cold. It is prompting different responses than that icy Northeastern cold.

    Anyway, love your scenery along with the pops of red. Love how you make your red and gray ensemble seem like just a normal extension of the landscape. Red pants as camouflage dressing.

  9. The sea lions have quit barking because their mouths are full of herring! I'm so jealous of a snow day, having just completed my first week back. And, yes, I take inspiration from nature...though I don't know where I'd find a vivid red just now.

  10. Lesley: Better to ask what am I NOT knitting? I'm not monogamous! Right now I'm finishing a dress, but also have a man's vest on the go, a pair of mittens, and a lace scarf. . . Who's the baby blanket for? Any new babe in particular?
    Lorrie: Your snow photos are splendid! You have such a good eye! And I know exactly what you mean about needing something to lift away from the drab, this time of year.
    Sue: Years ago, I would never have thought of brown, grey, and red together, but the landscape has shown me what a great, natural combo they make.
    Susan: Yes! I spotted some daffodils working their way out of the soil the other day. They'll have been a bit shocked by this snow and ice, though!

  11. Raquelita: You get much colder than we do, so perhaps there are no decorative berries to spark the greys and browns. But I'm often surprised how many rich variations can exist even within those two colours.
    TNMA: I doubt I'd wear a capri length red pant now, although I used to like wearing my dark capri jeans with boots. Are yours a very heavy fabric?
    Duchesse: You really know about winter! I remember being in Montreal during a snowstorm -- we ate in the hotel restaurant so didn't have to go out but could watch the magic from inside, intensifying our coziness by the contrast. The next day we walked and walked and walked, so beautiful, so cold, and we ended up at Vers restaurant where we had a wonderful meal (and the server graciously ignored our boots leaving puddles of melted snow on the polished hardwood floor!)

  12. Mardel: Ah, you always get it! And articulate it so well -- yes! exactly! red pants as camouflage is what amused me so. . . Who'd 've thought?
    Terri: It was a great way to boost us through Week 3 . . . only another 4 'til Spring Break. . .


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