Monday, January 9, 2012

Mama Visibility, Shopping with Daughter

 We had such a full and satisfying family weekend in Vancouver!  It began when I arrived Friday evening and Paul (who'd gone over the day before for a meeting) suggested dinner at La Brasserie on Davie. My bouillabaisse wasn't as good as usual, but the wine was and it was good to unwind together, talking about our respective weeks. And instead of going out to a movie, as we'd originally planned, we decided not to brave the rain but to head back home and watch Sons of Anarchy on DVD.

Then Saturday morning, Paul set off to put the evening's meal together while I headed out to meet our January birthday girl for some gift shopping. This kind of outing involves a different kind of visibility: I feel conscious of walking a fine line, not wanting to look as if I'm trying to dress as young as my daughters, but at the same time wanting to dress smartly enough that there won't be any eye-rolling. (Although, to be fair, those days are pretty much long gone, they did leave their mark). Plus shopping comfort is key, as are changeroom-friendly clothes. . . . Overall, though, it's the outer layers that count, really, for a few hours in and out of the shops. I always have a lightweight but warm scarf against the inevitable wind, gloves against cold rain, and a bag big enough to throw both in when I'm overheating inside a mall. . .

And yes, we did find the birthday girl a gift -- a slightly blingy rose-gold Fossil watch that she's been eyeing. We shopped Sephora where my bag somehow filled with the Nars Orgasm Blush, some Fresh sugar lip polish, two new Lancome lipsticks.  Then the very dangerous Aritzia post-Christmas sale . . .I don't have to tell you everything, right?

All in all, a lovely shopping expedition of Mother-Daughter Visibility (followed Saturday evening by all three daughters, one son-in-law, and a granddaughter joining us to fête the Birthday Daughter over curry and cupcakes).
And the outfit rundown?
Charcoal Knit Skirt, Club Monaco; Grey Sweater (peeking below jacket hem) also Club Monaco;
boots, Acne; leather jacket, Mackage; bag, M0851; red leather gloves, Winners; red alpaca handknit lace scarf, made by me several years ago.

I'm linking up again to Patti's marvelous round-up over at Visible Monday. Be sure to pop over there and check out all the ways we women of a certain age are keeping it visible.

Oh, and it's actually my daughter's birthday today -- Happy Birthday, Rhiannon! I won't repeat the praises I've sung about her/you in earlier posts, here, here, and here, but they're all still true and more.


  1. You've got the perfect combo for shopping. Our wet west coast weather does make it challenging to dress for walking in and out of shops unless you go to the mall.
    Sounds like a great time was had by all.
    Love those Sephora purchases too :)

  2. Very good daughter shopping outfit. And I love the name Rhiannon.

  3. Your outfit looks eminently suitable for shopping in our climate. Love the bright pops of red.

  4. Sephora is a dangerous place. It's a good thing I have to drive 90 minutes to get to one or they would have all my money. I love the neutrals and pop of red. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  5. What a delightful celebration; you look stylish yet roadworthy. When I go shopping (in winter) always seem to have too many layers; your jacket is far smarter than hauling a coat.

  6. What a great shopping outfit - so cozy and chic! Why is Sephora so intoxicating??

    Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday : >

  7. Very chic outfit and lovely scarf. I hadn't thought of taking a bag to put my coat and scarf in when shopping. Excellent idea!

  8. Happy Birthday to your daughter. You look smashing and chic here, and I'm liking the pop of lip color on you!

  9. Oh I adore those red leather gloves! I'd think immediately, seeing you wearing them, that you might be someone I'd like. Which makes me shallow perhaps, but you stylish:).

  10. Hi Mater, thank you for your help with the m0851 bag I see you're wearing in this post. I searched and found the tomato one as well, what a wonderful design, much better than the one I had my eye on. I've contacted Kimberley via the Facebook page and email and hope to order one in black later today, requested a photo to confirm, but actually don't need one now after seeing yours!

    I'm lying low in the blogosphere for a bit, too many other things needing attention, but I'll be back to visit again soon.

    Btw, I love your leather jacket.

  11. Susan T - just sent you an email about the m0851 bag...might know where one is available. ;-)

  12. Hi Mater,

    You asked which program I use to create photo mosaics - I use Picasa, the downloaded version on my computer, not the online version. It's fast, simple, and free!

  13. Hostess: Of course, it's not as bad as shopping back East, in a Montreal or Ottawa Mall, burdened by heavy winter clothes, but still -- the dripping umbrella can be a pain! And yes, I see how my daughters could make me a Sephora fan. . .
    K: Thanks (my daughters all have Welsh/Gaelic names. . . then my son's Zachary!)
    Lorrie: It works well for all those glowering winter-grey Coastal days. And the red brightens things up just a bit.
    Raquelita: I'm going to have to avert my eyes as we're in Vanc'r often and there's one right downtown. I'll pass along the bd wishes -- thanks!

  14. Duchesse: From my days visiting Paul when he worked in Ottawa, I remember just how cumbersome those winter layers could be -- once trailed through a mall with my LaParka over my arm (and you know how heavy that long felted wool beast is!). . .
    Patti: All those pretty packages . . . and the promises they whisper. . .
    Debbie: I've never popped my coat in the bag, but could always at least drape it over. I try to make sure the scarf will squish up small, though.
    Pseu: Thanks! The brighter lipstick is fairly new to me, and I've been a bit nervous about it, so I appreciate the comkment.
    Lisa: There's something about red that's so approachable, no? Although it does have to be rationed . . . if the gloves would attract friends of your calibre, I'm going to hang on tightly to them.
    Susan: Can't wait to see if we're bag twins . . .
    Lorrie: Thanks!

  15. I love the red in the gloves and the scarf and the way the boots contrast and tie everything together at once. Happy birthday to your daughter. Rhiannon was the name I would have named my daughter, in honor of that Welsh/Gaelic side of my own family.

  16. This is such a chic outfit! Adding my birthday congrats - it sounds like you had a lovely time together. If our sons come for any kind of shopping with us they get extremely antsy - I'll have to wait for a daughter-in-law to come along to have this kind of day out! :0) P.

  17. Belated happy birthday to your daughter! All three of my daughters have birthdays in January and early February. We'll all gang up for one grand shopping expedition soon...and I know just what you mean about walking the fine line, though in recent months, they've begun to raid my closet more.

  18. Hot shopping malls, seriously the one I visited recently with all 3 of my daughters led to me carrying 3 very bulky woolly coats, plus my own stuff. Not conducive to sanity shopping, so well done you. That lovely jacket has reminded me that mine does not get worn enough, and maybe like you I should ease it over some wool to get some winter wear out of it.
    I am also looking forward to the day when a birthday celebration does not involve a rollercoaster or a horse!

  19. Mardel: Thanks! And I'm glad our taste in names is similar (but not surprised)
    Patricia: My son's not bad for an hour or two, but even though he's very particular about dressing well, his shopping is pretty goal-oriented. . .
    Terri: My daughter's the January outlier in the family -- the rest of the crew have birthdays between May and July. As for the closet-borrowing, let's just say I'm glad I live on an island that's two ferry rides away . . .been there, done that!
    Alison: Ha! Yes, I know a civilized shopping birthday expedition seems a fine goal while stuck in those years of birthday extravaganzas for tweens and teens. As you know from your older two, it will arrive surprisingly quickly . . .


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