Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Three? Really!

Three years old today! Hard to believe that this excitement happened that long ago, and even more miraculous that this wee one,  introduced back in this post 
is now big enough to sit up at the counter and colour, after spending a busy day at the park
She's wonderful company and coped very well with spending a week at Nana & Granddad's while her parents were in Hawaii. A bit aggrieved as she remembers and loves Hawaii, she quickly reconciled herself to the idea of visiting us at our (much colder) beach.

I especially loved her decisive assessments: "I'm sorry, Granddad, but you are wrong, and she's right."

I'm already missing her, but took comfort in her obvious joy that she'd be back home today, celebrating her birthday with Mom and Dad.

And chuckling over our cuddle this morning in the big leather chair -- she snuggled right into my chest, taking deep comforting sniffs of her very worn lamb, Maw. Obviously quite relaxed but not truly somnolent, she looked up at me mischievously and said, "Nana, You're a bed."

Okay, that's it, I promise. We'll wrap up the Doting Nana act for the moment as soon as I've finished shouting out Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! Looking forward to your next visit.


  1. What a transformation! But, unlike with many, I can see the beginnings of Nola's future face in her new baby shot.

    And she is such a sweetie.

  2. What should a grandmother be if not doting!?!

  3. We LOVE hearing about your wonderful Nana moments! Three years?? Really??

  4. Oh you lucky grandma, an entire week!
    How cute she is too.

    Nola's parents must have been lost without her...
    I remember getting away for a weekend when mine were young and I missed them so much.

  5. Dote away, you have my fond envy. This little one is special, such life and sensitivity. Only hope you will keep us up to date as she grows! And your loving relationship with her is something I dream of.

  6. I for one love the doting grandparent act!! She's a sweetie! P.

  7. K: You too? I'm surprised, looking back at her newborn photo, at just how clearly I can trace features from then to now.
    Raquelita: Well, I think so -- glad you agree. ;-)
    Pseu: That wheel of time is just not slowing down. . .
    Debbie: I think I am, really.
    Lesley: I know they missed her, but I think Hawaii's beaches and warmth helped them cope. . . ;-)
    Duchesse: Someday. . . I wish for you that you will experience this. It's a lovely relationship. Meanwhile, I'm happy to share.
    Patricia: Thanks -- haven't heard from you for a while. Hope all is well and you're settling it quite happily to your new home & community.

  8. OK. I admit. I am beyond jealous:). What a wonderful little face and person.

  9. It is astonishing how time paases by, childhood is so fleeting. She is a dreamboat though, so keep posting.

  10. Awwww! I love the doting grandmother bit. Keep posting.

  11. It is always a pleasure reading and seeing Nola updates. I know what you mean about the wheel of time not slowing down. We had a beautiful day yesterday -- it all went by in flash!

    But at least there are leftovers :).


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