Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bouleversante, Paris Memories . .

 I'm using my extra hour today (such a gift! will almost make up for having to come home in total darkness after work this week) to mark papers. Thus, not only have I little of interest to tell you, but I need an escape. And where better to escape to, imaginatively and through memory, than Paris.

We came across this graffiti, an amusing riff on a theme I shared earlier, while wandering the streets of Paris' Belleville and Menilmontant neighbourhoods last April, in good-as-summer temperatures. Wisteria and clematis and lilac trees, motorcycles parked on sidewalks, lively graffiti, an urban mix I found very pleasing.

Clicking on photos will fill your screen with Paris. Go on, you know you want to be there . . .
Those of you who share this adjustment from Daylight Savings Time, I hope you're using that hour well. And to all of you, hope you're enjoying the weekend.  Are you escaping anywhere in your imagination? Or are you happy to be exactly where you are? Do tell . . .


  1. An hour simply to notice darkness falling earlier after the honeyed light of Indian summer. Now we go into the depth of days shortening, not much change till March- the true North. Honeyed light but frost- snow will come soon.

  2. Good morning, I'm a little late catching up on posts as we had a kitty emergency yesterday. Our feral kitty Gray doesn't usually let me near him but he did yesterday and while petting him I noticed an abscess on the side of his face. The day was shot getting him required medical attention and shopping for a cage etc so he can recuperate indoors over the next several weeks. He is sleeping peacefully so all is well.

    But to answer your question, yesterday morning we spent the extra hour snuggling in bed before church :).

  3. Duchesse: Even here, snow is just a degree or two away, and some of the local mountains have opened for ski season.
    Susan T: Aw, snuggling sounds like the perfect use of an extra hour. Good for you!


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