Monday, October 31, 2011

Visibly Autumnal, Visible Handknit

 I didn't think I'd be able to manage a Visible Monday post, today, but I finished putting this dress together last night, and it seemed too bad to miss the opportunity to show it off. It's such a great match for the autumn palette, and its mohair warmth will be perfect if the snow flurries in the forecast materialize.

And, as you can see most clearly in the pattern view from Classic Elite Yarns Winter Whimsy Booklet, this dress definitely honours visibility! Especially for wearing to teach in, I needed to mitigate against having quite so much on view, so I've layered a long skinny lightweight-cotton black James Perse T-shirt underneath (which also mitigates against mohair's itch factor, although this is a lovely mohair, so not too itchy).

You might also notice by comparing the pattern view and my version that I've modified the neckline, crocheting two rounds of double crochet to draw it in somewhat, both ensuring that it stays on my shoulders and enhancing the modesty rating. As is, I realize that the neckline fights with that of the T-shirt below, but this is the best compromise I can manage from my current wardrobe. I'd also wear this with a light cami to show off the lovely lacework, as in the view below. But I won't do that in the classroom.
 The shoes (ankle boots, really), if you're curious, are Fluevog Giulias. If you can find a more comfortable 2.5" heel that's as funky as these, let me know. . .
Now I'd better get my work week started. Don't forget to check out all the different ways women of a certain age celebrate their visibility over at Patti's Visible Monday. What a community she's building!


  1. It's BEAUTIFUL! I love how you've modified it to suit your lifestyle. And I love the pattern on the front bodice.

  2. Very nice Mater! I like how you've styled it, it's very flattering to your shape.

    I really, really like those ankle boots.

  3. Gorgeous! The shape, color and texture are all perfect. And I don't think the tee "fights" with the dress neckline at all, just adds a bit of contrast, and shows off the layering. You're right about the Giulias, incredibly comfortable and funky boots!

  4. Fabulous! I love it. You know that pattern is somewhere in my never ending knitting queue, and I would do the same thing with the neckline. That is one of those little things that I seem to often need, a bi of pulling in and up at the neckline. Great boots too.

  5. Fabulous dress, Frances! Such a pretty shape and lovely detail. Thanks for making it to Visible Monday, I appreciate you!

  6. Ah, Frances, your island sounds idyllic! And that DRESS...absolutely gorgeous...I love the silhouette. You look lovely in it!

    I hope you'll stop by my very first Outfit of the Day post...I finally did one because I wanted to participate in Visible Monday!

    Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life

  7. Your knitting artistry always knocks me out and this one is outstanding- the shape, the details! I would search for your perfect underlayer to show off that gorgeous lace but thank you for using what you had to show us right now!

  8. Oh my, I have total knitting envy. That is just gorgeous.

  9. I am so envious that you can create something so beautiful! It is just beautiful. Cool boots.

  10. That is a really pretty dress and you look adorable. I'd love to give something like that to my academic sister:).

  11. Very nice detail in this look. LOVE those glad you were able to forego the comfort factor for these higher than 2.5 inchers;-)) Glad I found your post over at NDYS!

  12. So I go away for one week and all this happens?
    Thank you for all your comments, yes, I would have loved to have tucked that girls facing away for her! And yes looking back my sartorial images were better than I at first thought.
    Glad you liked the stripy top, coincidently I have it on today. I really missed my ‘nice’ clothes whilst away.

    I was sad to read of your daughters problems, I dread it I really do, I hope for Daisy this is the ‘one’, how easy life would be if that were the case.

    I laughed at your being 'papped' at the opera, how glam is that? Well your dress actually, I love the shape of your knitted number too, I’m a sucker for a swing bottom!
    After my art stuff I too will be in desperate need of that handbook, is there a link? My grammar is laughable at times. But yes, there is a great deal of job satisfaction when you realise that a lesson has opened the minds of students.

    I hope your mothers health improves can Pater come and cook me some food it sounds delicious, I really miss not cooking with alcohol, I can't tell you the difference it can make to the flavour and body of food, but it really does though.
    Finally I had to do a double take when I saw Nola...3! gorgeous as always.

  13. Kristin: It's an enjoyable pattern to knit, especially since it's done in one piece excepting the sleeves.
    Susan T: These Fluevogs would really suit you -- you should check them out!
    Pseu: My Giulia twin! thanks for the encouragement on this styling. I think I will also wear the dress with knee-high boots.
    Mardel: Another boot twin, but not for these ones -- I'll def. be wearing this with the Acne boots.
    Patti: Thanks, Patti, and yet again let me thank you for hosting our visibility.

  14. Oh, how I covet the Gulias! Some day....

  15. Cindy: Your first OOTD post was a success -- congrats for getting over that hurdle and may there be many more such postings.
    Duchesse: Yes, I'd like to have a contrasting underlayer to show off the bodice lacework and the fun rows of dropped stitches.
    Tiffany: This is surprisingly quick to work up (altho' my Ravelry page shows I've taken months and months, that's because it hibernated for a while)
    Debbie: Thanks!
    Lisa: Well, get knitting . . . ;-)
    Kara: Thank you -- these are truly the MOST comfy 2.5" heels you could find. Go, Fluevogs!

  16. Raquelita: I hope someday you find your own Giulias . . .
    Alison: Glad to have you back and so looking forward to your photos of Turkey. Yes, there's been lots going on here, and at such a crazy time of year work-wise. I do wish we had breaks spread throughout the year as your system does. Seems much saner to me.


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