Monday, October 24, 2011

Visible at the Opera

Besides being distracted from some family troubles by a park visit with a very active pre-schooler, Paul and I had the great pleasure of attending West Side Story, the first offering of Vancouver Opera's 2011-12 season. We've been season subscribers for a few years now, and some of you might know that I live-blogged for the opera the past two seasons. Much as I enjoyed that, it was a relief on Saturday night to have no other responsibilities than dressing up to enjoy my husband's company and then simply soaking in the spectacle.

However, I did discharge on other responsibility, getting Paul played photographer for a Visible Monday shot. The lighting's not ideal here, obviously, but you get an idea of the nearly baroque patterning on my Simon Chang dress (viscose knit, so easy to wear). The back is plain black which doesn't really do much to tone down the noisy front, festooned with faux jewelry printed on the fabric. I like to think the simple shape keeps the chaos in check, but the dress certainly doesn't conform to some of the principles I've been trying to adopt since the last Paris trip. . . .
Nevertheless, I couldn't resist it when I saw it in my favourite local boutique, and I was surprised how much my guy liked it. Here he is, as we were both captured by the VOA photographer for the Vancouver Opera Facebook page. Notice that his tie picks up the colour of some of my dress's "jewels."
Recap: Dress, Simon Chang; Silver faux-snakeskin clutch, Club Monaco; Fluevog shoes

We finished up the evening by meeting our daughter and son-in-law at Bacchus for our traditional post-opera pizza and Guinness. A lovely evening overall.

Be sure to check out the other blogs linked to Patti's Visible Monday, especially since Patti's got a wonderful giveaway contest happening.


  1. It's FUN!! Sometimes we just need something FUN in the mix...and "easy to wear" doesn't hurt either.

    Love those Vogs.

  2. It is fun! Love this dress and cute pix with Paul, too!

  3. Look at you two, what a gorgeous couple.

  4. I can't believe that's a knit! It looks like lace or brocade - very festive!

  5. That is a smashing dress, and yes, fun! You and your husband look so stylish together.

    Thanks for coming over to participate in Visible Monday!

  6. That dress is knit?!? Color me surprised. The material looks so luxe in the photos!

    I love getting dressed up for the opera. I'm already looking forward to Madame Butterfly in the spring.

  7. That is a great, fun, comfortable special occasion dress.

  8. I have to echo the "fun" comment. That looks like such a great dress to wear, just putting it on must bring on a party state of mind. We all need something like that in our wardrobes.

  9. I don't do well when the word "fun" is placed next to "clothes", just not something I can appreciat-, and if you feel good, great!
    Have you changed your hair colour? Looks blonde!

  10. Susan: Yes, fun and flattering make a good mix in my book. And I'm not surprised you like these Fluevogs, black sisters to your orange beauties.
    F>50: Thanks!
    Susan T: Aw, thank you. . .
    Patricia: It's quite a clever print, I think, bringing in this season's popular lace and then adding ropes of faux jewels.
    Patti: and Thank You for organizing it.
    Raquelita: It's a lovely knit fabric with no tendency to droop so far, at least -- I'm really pleased with it. And yes, opera is a great excuse for getting dressed up. You must be looking forward to Butterfly, such wonderful music. We saw it a year or so ago, but I could happily watch it again tomorrow.
    Lisa: I think so too, thanks!
    Mardel: Yes, it's festive, an instant party-maker!
    Duchesse: Besides being fun, the dress is well cut, not always the case with knits, and it's very flattering, a good length, and it has sleeves, which is a bonus for me. And we blondes do have more fun. . . seriously, though, as for the hair, I still don't quite accept that I'm blonde-r, if not blonde. My stylist's been going a 1/2 shade lighter each colour/highlight session for a year or so, and it's crept up so gradually I'm still surprised when people comment on the blondness. It's a great colour for disguising grey roots!

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  12. Yup, everyone needs a bit of fun! And you two look lovely together - dress is a great shape and cut.

  13. Ooh, what boutique, may I ask (since we are in the same town), is that dress from? I love it! Your Fluevogs are simply smashing, as well - awesome choice!

    I bet you were one of the best-dressed women at the opera!

  14. Thanks Tiffany -- I love that it's still fun for the two of us to dress up and head out together, even after all these years. . .
    Sheila, It's in my little island city up the road from yours, the A to Zebra boutique in Nanaimo. If you ever end up visiting, let me know and perhaps we can grab a coffee together.


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