Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stylish? Word!

One of the treats that eases me way through the week is stopping for a Brioche Royale and an Americano at Nanaimo's Mon Petit Choux on Thursday morning. Not only does this treat save me some breakfast-making time -- which I can use for hair-primping, blog-checking, and last minute shoe-changing -- it also makes me feel pampered and coddled, even if the goodness has to be crunched into fifteen minutes or less (any longer, and my chances of scoring a parking lot within walking distance of my office become dismal).

Punctuating my lecture prep with bites of rich buttery fragrance, washed down with strong, hot, and cream-laden coffee, the day ahead seems promising, and the weekend shimmers just beyond it.

This past Thursday, I even gathered my ideal epitaph while prepping and sipping and savouring: a neighbour sitting at a nearby table approached me to settle a definition discussion she was having with a friend. Could I confirm that ganache was the shiny glaze that covered some pastry items? Not only could I, but I whipped out my handy smartphone, googled the term, and brought proof over to settle the debate. And for that, my neighbour gifted me with this comment: "You're a well-dressed dictionary"! I have to say, if they write that on my tombstone, I'll be a very happy ghost. . . .

No laptop hobo am I, just a well-dressed dictionary enjoying my Thursday treat.


  1. Stopping for coffee and a luxe treat sounds so sensible and it must feel like a luxurious way to start the day.

    You use your smart phone like I use my Iphone.

    I cannot imagine not having one now and I actually balked at the idea when it was suggested a year ago.

    The best dressed dictionary sounds perfect.

  2. Ha! I love that! What were you wearing?:)

  3. Hilarious! But I can barely focus on your text as I'm drooling over the PASTRY! (It never gets old...)

  4. What a marvellous epitaph! And a very civilised way to spend a few minutes on a Thursday morning.

  5. Hah! That's a good one. Your brioche looks amazing.

  6. I have been so enjoying reading your blog!
    And this post sent me on a search for brioches in my neighborhood. Alas, I couldn't find any.

  7. Lesley: Yes, my family has long made fun of me for my tendency to go Google for an answer (I've been known to leave a dinner-table discussion to call up IMDB and find the name of a movie). . . so the Smartphone is perfect. Like you, I resisted it forever, but now that I've got one, I wouldn't give it up.
    Lisa: I'll post a pic.
    Tiffany: It really does feel civilised. Funny what a difference 15 minutes can make.
    Pseu: It's not a true brioche, but the dough is brioche dough, then it's filled with custard and topped with fruit (this one's topped with plums, yummy!)
    Kristin: I knew that would hook you!
    GG: Uh-oh, maybe you'll have to make your own. Glad you enjoy my blog and thanks so much for commenting.

  8. That's a perfect epitaph for you!
    And yes, there's nothing like a buttery brioche with an Americano :).

  9. Susan: Isn't it great? It made for a very good morning!


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