Monday, October 17, 2011

Running to Visibility on Monday

Luckily, I had these photos queued up for Visible Monday before the weekend, grabbing my husband to take them before I headed out to work. Otherwise, given the busy-ness of the past couple of days, especially yesterday's Half Marathon (sorry, but I'm still riding the adrenalin-and-endorphins mix, and can't resist tooting my horn about achieving my Personal Best), I'd have had to disappoint myself and bow out of this week's round.

And that would be a big disappointment, because even though I'm late to join the parade, I'm loving being part of this crowd. I love Patti's idea of increasing the Visibility of
women of a certain age, and I'm intrigued by the various ways we present ourselves.  Can't wait to make the rounds of my fellow bloggers when I find a few minutes -- so much inspiration!

Anyway, here I am, in my JBrand cognac cords, fast becoming a comfortable staple, and here worn with a darker cognac v-neck jersey top and my Smythe black jacket. Two-tone oxfords (B2/Browns) and the lovely silk scarf I won at Hostess' blog a few years ago.

Seeing the outfit photographed makes me wonder if I should wear a long-sleeved top under this 3/4-sleeved jacket -- does that look a bit confused? . I also wonder if the look would have been cleaner without the scarf. I felt great wearing the ensemble as is, but don't mind honing by sitting in the editor's seat . . . hmmmm, thoughts?
Now I'll hobble off to work, my body protesting in several spots against having  been pushed so hard yesterday. . . .Hope your week begins well, this Monday morning.


  1. You look fabulous! Love the concept of increasing the visibility of women as we age... more power to it, I say!

    Best wishes...

    Jeanne xx

  2. You look fabulous! And I love the combination of sleeve lengths and the scarf. Cleaner might be too simple, this has an interesting textural intelligence to it. Very smart!

  3. Visible Mondays are fun to see what you all are wearing. Nice to see the scarf again too.
    I like those shoes, I don't think you've shown those to us before.

  4. J'adore those shoes!!! I think the longer sleeves under the 3/4 sleeve jacket work if the sleeves are narrow and fit snugly to the arm. Love this color combo!!!

  5. Wonderful fall colors and styling! I too will wear a slim top under a short-sleeved jacket and I like the look. The shoes are fantastic.

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday!

  6. Hi Frances, I love this look and I love being on Visible Monday with you!! I also just became a new follower! Your style here is one of my favorites...casual, chic, comfy, and classy all in the same outfit!

  7. As Pam said above, the 4 Cs - casual, chic, comfy and classy!! P.

  8. Those shoes! You look so pretty today in these photos. Are you styling your hair differently? It looks really beautiful and youthful.

  9. I love everything about the outfit, but especially the shoes!!! I hope to find some similar one of these days.
    Congrats on the Half Marathon. Amazing!

  10. To my eye, the scarf is great, the shoes are great, but I would wear sleeves that don't show. That's me - you know my thing about quiet dressing. Your hair and makeup, assuming that's makeup of course:), do look great.

  11. No, I like the longer sleeve layered under the jacket and the colours are wonderfully autumnal.

  12. Congrats!!! And the long sleeve shirt does not look strange at all. That's a fave proportion, as far as I'm concerned.

  13. Jeanne: Thanks! I think so too, this Visibility blogging is great and I thank Patti for it.
    Mardel: "Textural intelligence" -- I love your way with words. I did like the jersey against the cord against the matte of the jacket and the silkiness of the scarf.
    Lesley: I think I showed the shoes long ago as a purchase but perhaps not till now in an outfit. I admit I love them!
    Thanks, Pseu -- I could absolutely see you in these shoes.

  14. Patti: Thank YOU so much for organizing Visible Monday. What a great idea.
    Pam: You're so kind, and I'm so happy to have you as a new follower. I'm slow returning the visiting favour this week, but very much looking forward to doing so.
    Patricia: Can't aim much higher than the four C's. Happy to hit that bar this once!
    Susan: You spotted it -- my stylist taught me a little trick last time I was in and I've been using it to straighten a portion of my bangs. That's what you're noticing, and perhaps that there's some length and filling in . . .
    Debbie: Thanks and welcome! As soon as I saw these shoes (two years ago, I think) I had to get them, altho' I had bought another pair of brogues just a few months earlier. And I've never regretted them.
    Aunt Snow: I know! See above ;-)
    Lisa: Thanks for the honest feedback. I waffle on this one, but will at least be looking in the mirror harder next time. The photographs didn't show as concise a look as I'd felt I was wearing and I'm blaming it on the sleeves, but there's enough feedback in favour of the sleeves to make me wonder.
    Alison, K: More votes for the sleeves, so I feel I've got my readers' carte blanche to go either way next time . . .

  15. I love those cords - such a great colour on you! I'm on the fence about the sleeves. I had the same quandary the other week and although I went out with the shorter sleeved jacket over longer tee, I felt not quite right about it all day ... I think it looks great in the seated shot, but less effective in the standing one - maybe it's what Pseu says about the fit of the under-layer?

  16. Ah, you are in Vancouver! I'm just across the pond in Victoria. :)

    Congrats on your awesome time in the half-marathon! That's amazing!

  17. Tiffany: I still rather wish for a deep red pair, but these are really versatile. As for the sleeves, I have to say that these are quite slim, in a light jersey, and yet they bell in the photo -- and I've worn more fitted and wondered. . . I'm keeping an eye out for a new jacket, possibly khaki or olive, maybe chocolate, but with long sleeves.
    Sheila: I'm actually up the road from you, and then across a puddle . . . (on an island just off Nanaimo). Thanks for the congrats! I was delighted, having chased this goal in my last three Halves. My sister's coaching (bossing!) made all the difference.


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