Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall's Beach Therapy

Hard to recognize this scene as a sunrise, isn't it? Yet the fog's grey blurring of the horizon was subverted by that thin line of illumination, which gradually broadened ever so slightly while donning the peach that so transforms the seascape below.  You really do need to click the photos to full size to appreciate Nature's cleverness, albeit transmitted through my photographic limitations.

I love the way marine traffic enlivens that band of light, declaring it a window of possibilities, comings and goings that beckon . . . .

Turning my head to the right (as I did for the photo below) produces a more solidly shrouded scene, but it shows where I waded in up to my knees after my run yesterday. I've decided that if the weather and the tides cooperate, I'm going to try this therapy against inflammation and muscle pain. Bone-chillingly cold but so is the icepack I'd otherwise resort to. Yesterday my "long run" was short, 12k, in deference to the tapering required before next weekend's half marathon, but I also waded in after my 20k run last weekend. An envigorating cooldown, and it seemed to have the desired effect -- plus it made the shower afterward rather marvellous!

And given that I was wading barefoot through seaweed, thick to knee level, I couldn't help but think a spa might charge me a premium, slapping some fancy name (thalassotherapy?) on this organic approach. I'm just hoping it keeps my Achilles tendons from complaining -- I promise I'll give them a rest if they give me this one more week . . .

Meanwhile, though, the fog has lifted, and although rain is all over the weather forecast, the sky is blue and the crisp air is welcoming the sun's warmth in that happy congruence that is the best of October. A day for Thanksgiving indeed!


  1. I love that slim sliver of light, filled with promise, especially in the second photo. "window of possibilities" indeed.

  2. Mater that looks like a chilly morning indeed.
    Thalassotherapy at your doorstep, that made me smile, I hope it heels your achilles heel.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I love the way you write about light and landscape.

    Thalassotherapy is a new word for me, I had to google it, and now I will try to work it into a conversation sometime this week :).

  4. That's a terrific idea! If you were in a California spa, you'd be paying 500 bucks a day for the pleasure of soaking your legs in seaweed water!

  5. Sigh. And I am sure your ocean therapy is quite the thing.

  6. Recently there was a program documenting the trials and tribulations of Eddie Izzard as he ran umpteen marathons in just a few days. After each marathon he had to get into a bath filled with ice, and then stay in it for at least 15mins otherwise he would not be able to run the next day. So you have marvellous spa instead. I really am not so envious of the seaweed though!
    I hope you had a great thanksgiving.

  7. Mardel: I wish I could capture what it felt like to watch the sliver expand just a bit, and take on that rosy hue.
    Lesley: Heel healing slowly, thanks.
    K: Exactly!
    Lisa: It's therapy in all kinds of ways, and I'm grateful.
    Alison: Not everyone is willing to wade through thick seaweed, but it doesn't bother me, at least on my own beach. There are critters swimming between my toes, but I generally know what they are, at least enough not to panic. ;-)


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