Friday, October 7, 2011

Dictionary, Well-Dressed . . .

 Big stack of student papers to mark this weekend, but I'm pacing myself. This morning I'm catching up with my good friend Alison for a walk; last night Paul and I had a lovely meal at a new spot in town; Saturday I'll work my way through the weekend papers; Sunday we'll enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner early so that we can truly give Thanks on Monday for the leftovers (my favourite part, quite honestly).
And this afternoon I'm meeting with a small group of International Students, English-as-Second-Language speakers, to talk about poetry. This is a small initiative I began working on before my leave last year, an International Students Book Club, for those students who would like to study Canadian literature as a way of knowing our culture better -- and just because they love literature in general -- but who avoid English courses after the basic 1st-year requirements because these tend to be courses that bring down their GPA. My work in our university's Writing Centre convinced me that many international students want to read and talk about literature, but few of them were showing up in any of my upper-level courses, and I want to hear their perspectives on the works I study and love.
 So this is a volunteer activity, adding to my workload and held at the inconvenient but mutually available time of Friday afternoon. . . .and I'm looking forward to it very much. I've just been reviewing some poems by Jan Zwicky and anticipating how much my readings of them will change through the afternoon.

And the outfit? Not what I'm wearing this afternoon, but rather a demonstration of what I was wearing the day I was called a "well-dressed dictionary":  black v-neck T (Spanner); black pleated skirt (Aritzia); grey vest with fabulously deep pockets (Line); and black Tsubo heels; glasses (Chrome Hearts); and necklace bought from a charming artisan/jeweler in Lisbon whose card I've sadly lost. Frown lines my own with some help from Mr. Sun. Whose presence I nonetheless appreciate very much . . .
Your weekend? Having fun? Balancing work and play? Do tell . . .


  1. Your poetry group sounds as though it will be quite enjoyable and stimulating! What a great idea.

    And I love this look on you. The necklace really pops nicely against the black, and those vest pockets really make the piece.

  2. Well, I'm having 9 people for dinner tomorrow so I'm trying to get a head start on dessert. And I'm defraying half of the workload to Scott - they are his people coming over, after all.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! It is a beautiful time of year, even if it does sometimes seem overly full...

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Your poetry initiative sounds interesting and worthwhile, and I can see why your outfit prompted the well-dressed dictionary comment :).

  4. You look great. And I have to admire you putting in that volunteer time - that is an amazing thing to do. I hope those students realise how lucky they are!

    My weekend is mostly about finishing jobs, prep for next term which starts Monday (our terms are weird) and possibly some cooking/puttering ...

  5. Looking good mater!
    Hoping that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
    My sister is doing dinner this time and we have a lot to be thankful for...the basement reno is getting underway too so the house is a bit of a mess so I'll be cleaning up a bit.

  6. I love the way you look here. The side part, the movement in the vest and skirt, the graceful line of the heels, the geometry and color of your necklace. Very authoritative, and still creative. A wise woman, if you will. Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend to you.

  7. Susan: Only two students showed up, although many others had e-mailed their intention. Still, an intimate and committed discussion.
    The vest has taken some work to get proportions right, but I like it with this skirt/top.
    Kristin: That work distribution sounds right to me. Paul's doing all but the pies here, but there will only be 4 of us.
    Susan T: Thanks!
    Tiffany: I do wonder why I do it, sometimes, a volunteer activity on top of what already feels too busy -- but then I get there and see what they give me back. . .
    Lesley: Ah, didn't realize you were beginning a reno -- didn't know your bungalow had a basement, actually. Good luck with that.
    Lisa: Wise, creative, authoritative? Stop, you're making me blush! ;-) But seriously, thanks, and I have to say you've parsed exactly the elements of this outfit that really appeal to me. Perceptive and wise, you.

  8. I too love the lines of this outfit and the way the pieces fit together to create something almost architectural and yet soft, creative and yet strong and perfectly relevant.

    The poetry group sounds fabulous. The group may well grow from this point, especially if the discussion was good and rewarding.

    Yesterday was Yom Kippur and we are having a quiet weekend here: resting, meditating, catching up with the great world.

  9. Mardel: Thanks, I'm really happy with this combination myself. I'm glad you're having a quiet weekend, a chance to catch your breath, and I like your echo of my reading, whether it was deliberate or not (after our exchange about Calum McCann's book).

  10. Oh, I knew you'd pick up on that -- not that I was very subtle.


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