Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I Wore -- Back to the Classroom

Just so you know I don't spend all my time wandering the beach and thinking about liminality, I got Pater to snap some shots of me heading to work the other day. I don't have to be on campus 'til 2-ish on Mondays (then teach an evening class, get home at 10, and am back on campus at 8:30 Tuesday -- feels a bit weird!) so I had a bit of time to try two different approaches to completing this pants-top combo. I like how much the switch from black blazer to lightweight cardi (cashmere, the gift that keeps on giving!) changes the look.
Pants are microfibre, Club Monaco, 2 years old, and are annoyingly prone to wrinkles so good for one day's wearing only.
 The lined silk chiffon Anne Klein tank top has also clocked 2 years in my closet and is much more of a champion, great for packing, belts nicely, and was comfortable in the classroom when I shuck the blazer/cardi to lessen the sauna effects (did I mention our classrooms are not air-conditioned and our first two weeks back have happened in 20 to 30 degree temps?). I generally can't wear orange, but seem to be able to handle it in this combo, and I love the ethnic-geometric print.
Cashmere cardi, so lightweight, is Club Monaco and in its 2nd year. At cpw, this one's practically free, an absolutely mainstay in my closet. Sadly, it's got a hole at one sleeve where it hooked on the edge of my watch, but the sleeves are double-knit at that point so the hole's only on the top layer.
The blazer is another mainstay, pictured often in my What I Wore. It's by Smythe, whose offerings as I've seen them this fall have disappointed me in a quest to get one more classic-with-an-edge blazer. Stupidly, I resisted a perfect olive-khaki one in the spring, and now that I want its like, it's not around. (Still, the lesson there is one it might be dangerous-to-my-wallet to heed.)
And the shoes are Repetto, not the ballet flats but rather with a très cool square heel, about an inch. Have to say that while they're classic, I probably wouldn't shell out for another pair of Repettos. On my foot, at least, they're not particularly comfy, and the look can be got for a much lower price. The sole is quite thin, and I suspect they'll need a replacement soon (which may clunkify the look a bit as well). But they are very French, of course, and let me walk a bit of my beloved Paris around with me for the day.
Today's my work-at-home day and requires several wardrobe changes: pjs will give way eventually to running gear and after my post-run shower I'll probably work in my fluffy bathrobe for a while before changing into comfy jeans and a cuddly sweater. The weather's shifted to grey skies, cooler temps, and a possibility of rain, and Pater's trying to augment the winter wood supply, getting the woodstove ready. We might even change from summer curtains (natural linen) to winter drapes (rust-coloured heavy velveteen) this week. Fall's is almost official . . . how are you adjusting to the shift?


  1. I love the jacket in the top shot! And the view there is gorgeous in every shot!

  2. This look is great - chic but comfy. I must say I don't have any ballerinas; they so often have such a thin sole, I feel it would be too uncomfortable. I stalked a pair in Budapest - a more casual style with a rubber sole by Gabor - but even on sale they were still a bit too expensive. Of course, now I wish I had bought them! P.

  3. "Cashmere the gift that keeps on giving" sums up my thoughts exactly!
    I am interested about your feelings about the Repetto's having heard so much about them.
    It's cold here too and I have put on some sox...time to pull out the sweaters and turn on the heat.

    Did you get new glasses mater?

  4. I like the black blazer very much.

    "But they are very French, of course, and let me walk a bit of my beloved Paris around with me for the day."

    What a wonderful thought, of ones shoes or other clothing connecting us to a beloved place.

  5. Love these summer-to-fall transitional looks on you, but *especially* love your glasses! Those are so great on you. (and by funny coincidence, I just selected something quite similar, am waiting for the optitian to add my prescription lenses.)

    We've been having weather between 75-85F, warm and pleasant, but still sweater weather in our air-conditioned offices.

  6. You can certainly wear orange! And you look so animated yet relaxed. Share your qualified love for Repetto... the jazz shoes I bought have such thin soles I call them Repeato-s for the times I've had to repair. There is a good representation of the line here in Mtl, but I just go to admire now.

  7. This outfit is wonderful. I wish I could articulate clearly just why I think it works so well on you. Hmm. Color is good. Top is a great shape. Cropped pants work. I give up. You look great:).

  8. K: It's a great jacket -- I think I prefer the outfit with it as well.
    Patricia: Yes, it's a long way to go back for them if you're changing your mind now ;-)
    Hostess: I got the glasses about a year and a half ago, but tend not to be wearing them in photographs.
    Susan: I have to admit it gives me an extra frisson of pleasure to remember buying the shoes in Bon Marché
    Pseu: These glasses were actually made by an LA company, Chrome Hearts. They were a big splurge but the CPW on glasses works out well, more than almost anything one wears.
    Duchesse: I really can't wear most versions of orange, but this melon-y colour works. And like you, although I admire their looks, I won't be Repeat-o-ing the Repetto purchase (love that name -- works for me!)
    Lisa: Thank you. I'm still wondering if the cardi combo works; this stuff's fun to analyze though, no?

  9. I always love on others what I myself am unable to wear, so love the blazer with jeans.
    Seasonal curtains, how brilliant is that!
    Kitty too has those shifts, finishing at 9pm and staring at 8am the following day, I hope the pay check she gets tomorrow cheers her up.

  10. Your schedule sounds so much like mine on Wednesday/Thursday...I often think I should just sleep in my office and I have often been known to stay that night at my mother's to save the drive. I quite like that last photo of you and can just imagine you in front of a class in this comfy but sharp outfit.

  11. Alison: Funny, because for many years we had no curtains up in the livingroom at all, since all the windows front to the ocean and no one's able to see in. But then I found the rust-orange velveteen curtains at Ikea, perfect for making the room cozy in the dark rainy days of winter. And the look softened the room enough that we wanted something for summer, but that velveteen was too heavy. . .
    Terri: I have offers from friends and colleagues to stay over at their place, not so much to save a drive, but in case of a stormy night when crossing the water won't be comfy. I do think of keeping a roll-up mat in my office ;-)

  12. Love the blazer, and also like the look with the cardigan. I think the cropped pants and the gray looks fabulous on you, and rather reframes the bright print, softening the look in a way that really seems to suit you. I love the glasses as well. I chopped my hair off (it was bound to happen) and now have major misgivings about my glasses.

  13. Interesting that the taupe-olives read grey, and yes, I like the way those neutrals tone down the bright print. Glasses are tough, aren't they? They require consonance with hair, with jewelry. Curious to see your haircut. . .


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