Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On the Beach . . .

 We're still busy playing.
 So instead of words, may I offer you some beach art?
 Wondrous found objects from the place where tide meets land, flotsam and jetsam mixing it up with dried seed pods and strips of bark scrolled spring-tight (above) . . .
 When we're not beach-combing for treasures, we've been learning to pump on a swing (almost mastered, rather impressively for a 2-year old --"I'm almost 3-to-5, Nana"), pee on a pottie (with the cheesy motivation of Skittles, contemporary adaptation of a family heritage--my dad, aka Poppa, partially trained one of mine with Smarties), and slow the scooter-bike on a hill so that Nana doesn't have a heart attack. It's all good. . .
 Very good.
 The indentations in this stone eerily perfect for Nola's fingers, magically. . .
 Yesterday, little girl's momma and I had our annual birthday shopping trip and lunch in Small Island City's downtown -- proving yet again that one really well-edited boutique, one shoe store with the right lines and a healthy summer discount can lead to full bags and a healthy appetite.
Mid-way through the first week of August, sunny days on either side, I'm waiting in the morning for a little girl and her mom to wake up, for Pater to come back from his run, and yes, life is good. How are you savouring summer?


  1. I do love beach glass and collect it when beach have an enviable haul there Mater!
    It must be that wee helper that you have at your side!

    Smarties was what we used when we trained our two when they were young and it worked well because they had not been given any candy until that time!

    Shoe shopping! I wonder where your shop is...
    Mouats on SSI has a great sale right now.

    Happy beach combing!

  2. Very pretty stones and glass. You sound really happy, enjoying your loved ones.

  3. When you write from Paris, I want to be there; when you write from the beach, I wan to be at the beach. Thanks for the ever-so-evocative photos and words, and for reminding me of what I need more of this summer!

  4. Amazed at all the sea glass. I haven't found any these past summers!

  5. I love sea glass. As always, it's amazing to think of your summer when we're in winter ... (not that winter here is consistent, 26C yesterday!).

    Tell us what you got in your shopping haul?

  6. Long and meaningful talks with the boy child. No sea, but some sun through the window.

  7. Hostess: I have to 'fess up -- my daughter and granddaughter did the collecting and arranging. I just swooped in with the camera ;-)
    A sale at Mouat's? Ooooh, that is tempting. Really want to get to the Saltspring Saturday market before summer's over.
    Susan: We're really having a good time.
    Marsha: What a nice way to put it -- I'm so glad you're enjoying my posts.
    Miss C: Really, one hopes boaters might become more careful about what they toss overboard and then we'll all have to put up with more sea glass. Meanwhile, though, it's obv. still plentiful in our little bay.
    Tiffany: What's truly amazing is that at 26, even in winter you're warmer than most of the summer we're having . . . although it is, finally, supposed to get to 26-ish today.
    Lisa: Yes, summer's more generous expanses of time (esp. for students, teachers, those with decent vacation time, etc.) allows those fuller, richer, often more divergent conversations. Not sure how late your light lasts those bits of latitude south, but I think the post-dinner twilights encourage a relaxed kind of visiting as well.

  8. I am going to be collecting a little bit of that lovely glass too, I have often toyed with making it into a necklace, I know it will need a diamond drill bit, but am sooo lazy! Second choice would be to wrap it in silver wire, one day when it is all just a little quieter.
    Happy holidays to you and I will catch up when I return.


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