Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Simple Summer Pleasures

 It's been busy 'round here. But we're not just changing beds and cooking meals and washing dishes.
 We've had some lively conversations, consumed numerous bottles of very decent wine, eaten some wonderful meals together, watched the charming antics of two young girls (a generous, funny, bright eight-year old inspiring adoration and emulation and many giggles from an energetic and chatty 2).
 And last night, after five guests had departed, and the five of us left here had all napped or read quietly in comfy big chairs, we sat at the beach after dinner. And pretended there was sunshine on this summer evening.
 And some of us paddled. And splashed. And "got sumpin in my shoe" (again, and again, until someone decided barefoot might be easier)
 And dads skipped rocks.
 And moms sat contentedly on logs.
 And songs might have been sung.

 And blessings may even have been counted . . .
All is summer good, saving the recalcitrance of the sun (the forecast does show that it should be shining tomorrow and perhaps for the rest of the week, although temps will stay in the low to mid-20s).

This v-formation, flying southwards, has me a bit worried, however . . . .


  1. The photos of your granddaughter are so precious. What a sweet one.

    The sun continues to hide here as well, especially in the morning but also in the evening when the fog spills over the coastal range. It's annoying, because the pool lanes at our gym are free in the evening but lately the air is really to cold for outdoor swimming.

    Still, there are many blessings to count. Like Pat Austin roses :-).

  2. This is so evocative. I can almost hear the laughter and the splashing, and smell the sea and taste the wine.

  3. Ah, summer, with or without sunshine. It's the slower pace, the longer days, the together time and new adventures. Your post has them all. Lovely.

  4. And hands, quite clearly, were well held.

  5. The formation does seem a bit ominous...
    your scenery looks lovely. Especially Nola!

  6. Thank you for this; it is not my imagination that this family is close and genuinely enjoys one another, is it? Nola is such a little presence, so curious and expressive.

  7. Is this the first time the little one has been in a kayak? I know as a grandma that always makes me so nervous...the first time they sample deep water.

    I love the mood you have evoked.

  8. Susan: Yes, compared to the things some are complaining about, a little cool summer weather is not so bad, especially when there are compensatory roses . . .
    Sue: Summer really taps into the memory banks, doesn't it? All the senses . . .
    Jane: It's true, heat is only a small part of it. The longer days alone make such a big difference . . .
    Lisa: Yes, they were indeed.
    Hostess: I know, geese flying southward in July?!
    Duchesse: We are quite blessed in the closeness. And yes, she really is a delightful personality.
    Terri: I think it's her first time in a kayak, and she loved it. Of course, she was only right in our wee little bay, with her dad paddling very carefully. But I understand the protectiveness and feel it myself -- and this one, like her mother before her, has no fear of the water, at all!

  9. We don't have the geese but we do have the berries turning red already and fruit ripening, all of which creates more of an autumnal feel that is necessary when it is still July.
    I am envying your watery view even when it is dull there is a real holiday spirit when accompanied by the sound of lapping water.

  10. What a fabulously warm photo vignette. How precious to have such comfortable and enjoyable family time. This post makes me smile is such a contented way, looking forward to my grandson's visit next week.

  11. Alison: It's true that islands and summer do go together, even if the summer isn't warm -- the water sounds seem to promise a respite from the everyday worries of a working life.
    Mardel: I'm glad you have that visit to look forward to -- it's a wonderful way to see the world, through those young eyes, isn't it?!


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