Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Road Trip

 I think what I love most about the photos from this road trip into BC's Okanagan from the Coast (besides, the fun of discovering how useful a smartphone camera can be, even from a moving vehicle) is the way it documents the range of palettes. I've always adored this drive because the changes are so tangible, ecosystems changing in response to topographies.
 I'd no sooner tuck my phone back into my purse, letting it lapse back into locked mode, than I'd be blown away by another gorgeous scene, hurriedly keying in my password, fingering the screen to get back to the camera.
 Imagine! This range of tones within several hours of each other, both exciting, challenging landscapes, but at seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum.

 And yes, that is snow on the mountain there -- most Julys that would have melted in the normally 30C+ days, but this summer of our discontent, it may well be there until the late October/early November snowfalls top up the levels again.

 You can see some melt has been happening here, the waterfall offering a convincing explanation for that wealth of rich deep green. Emily Carr colours.
 Almost back home, here, back in the Fraser Valley (the river is alarmingly high right now, and muddy like I've never seen it before).

I'm curious: do you have any favourite road trips? What different landscapes does five hours' driving offer you? And when was the last time you got out on the road, either solo or with someone compatible? (We almost were delegated to drive Paul's parents up, which would completely have changed the trip, but at the last minute his sister was back in the game, chauffeuring them as per the original plan).

And yes, I know you're waiting for a promised reveal of my MOTB outfit -- it's coming, but I've had some other writing projects that demand priority. Thanks for your (continued) patience.


  1. It seems your iPhone takes much better photos than mine! I never road trip as I don't have a car and renting one is both irritating and super expensive (these days).

  2. I love road trips but find after 4 hours in any day I've had enough. (I am never the driver, are you?) Need to get out and move. One of my favourite road trips Charlevoix region of Quebec and around the Gaspé peninsula. The car makes a difference; I've roadtripped in everything from $500 heaps to a Jensen Interceptor, and in between.

  3. Beautiful photos. I love road trips :-). One of my all-time favorites was around the Gaspé peninsula in Quebec, but these days I never get tired of driving one of roads winding road the coastal range to the San Mateo coastline.

  4. K: We don't road trip often, but I do enjoy it. Our car has no a/c (don't usually need it here) so we usually rent one if we can find a deal. This time it was a little Ford Fiesta, not very peppy but great gas mileage.
    And mine isn't an iPhone but a Sony Experia Smartphone -- I'm quite pleased with the quality of photos.
    Duchesse: I used to do 10 hours, two days in a row, with four kids in the car, me driving! Now my back would be in agony at that, but we managed 6 on this trip. Usually we spell each other off on the driving, but this time I read aloud while he drove, keeping both of us quite content.
    Susan: You and Duchesse both, on the Gasp&eacute, and I'd have to agree. We once drove from Ottawa up through to that area, then around and down to the Maritimes. Fond memories. . .

  5. Thank you for the photos--I have always imagined the inland of BC to be entirely heavy forest, but this shoes me differently.

    I am very partial to an area of northern Montana along the Clarks Fork river. It is a top secret...

  6. Much of inland BC is forested, Terri, but there are also rolling grasslands and then an actual desert area, perhaps most fascinating of all.

    If it weren't a top secret, I could hope that someday you might share photos of your Montana riverbanks . . .


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