Sunday, July 17, 2011

Go Pompiers Go

Directed to the infectious video below by a Tweet from Sedulia, much-admired blogger of Rue Rude, I was reminded of spotting the firefighters on a "fire drill" somewhere around Etienne-Marcel, climbing one of their ladders into the sky. I was with my friend Andrea, a Parisian resident, a young woman whose wrist-breaking, vertebra-cracking fall in the Métro last year was deemed almost worth the compensation of being stretchered out by a team of these healthy fellows. On spotting their dramatic ascent into the heavens last April, she whipped out her camera, calling out "Go pompiers Go!" demonstrating her bilingual fluency.

And now you can cheer them on with the same cry. And maybe a little dancing on the side. Beat it, just beat it. . . . you'll see. Click on the button. . . You can thank me (and Sedulia) when you've stopped smilling.


  1. Oh, that's just delightful! Who doesn't love cute firefighters?

  2. Mater--Merci! I always admire watching fit males dance and the choreography must have taken hours.

    This tune is a favorite of our parrot, Chuck. Whenever it comes up on our iPod playlist, Chuck has an entire and prolonged routine. Chuck though lays eggs.

  3. Sending this to firefighter BIL!

  4. Glad you enjoyed -- les pompiers sont les first responders in Paris, so why not my first Paris flash-mobbers as well?
    Miss C: c'est un mot très amusant. . .
    Terri: Yes, and I love watching their faces, various levels of sheepishness and amusement. Chuck lays eggs and dances to Michael Jackson? That's a versatile bird!
    Etchensketch: welcome! glad you enjoyed the video. Perhaps your BIL will organize a flash mob of his own. . .

  5. I had tried to follow with a second comment, but it got lost. Here it is, rather late:

    After seeing the video, I was reminded of that 90s dance track "Pomp up the jam! Pomp it up! Pomp it up!" (With a minor alteration, bien sur.)

  6. Miss C: Thanks for taking the time to add your comment, twice -- hilarious! You do love the wordplay!


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