Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Garden

 Pictures only today -- I'm getting ready for pre-wedding houseguests arriving tomorrow. Some rushing around is happening. But there are roses. . . . startling pink Hansa (a rugosa, rather close in colour to my MOTB dress, don't you think?)
 and the wonderful Royal Sunset, which is finally settling into its home after three or four years.
 Royal Sunset was a gift from my good friend Alison, who knew I had long admired it in the garden of another good friend, Jan. I love having those kind of memories and connections in my garden.

 And the irises, below, were originally transported from my parents' garden and dug in by my father. He's been gone 11 years this summer, so these testify to a certain maturity in my garden, never mind adding a poignant note of beauty.
 I love the lush density outlining the paths, although the whole thing could use a trim -- I'm working on it, patch by patch. . . .
 And for good measure, I'll throw in a rainbow -- this one appeared yesterday evening reminding me, I suppose to stop, smell and admire the roses, and just be . . .


  1. Beautiful!

    Those Royal Sunsets are stunning! I envy the lushness of your garden, even if it does require a bit more upkeep.

  2. I'm with une femme. In other words, jealous. I admit it, right here, right now. I like my garden too, but I don't have that salt water glory right out my door and I envy you. So beautiful.

  3. Oh my, gorgeous lush garden. I love my garden but right now yours looks very beautiful and envy-inspiring. The garden is always greener..... Or something like that anyway.

  4. Such a beautiful and lush space...the Royal Sunset looks amazing...and it has such a sweet fragrance. Mine is just starting to bloom.

    Your garden looks very large it about an acre?

  5. The Royal Sunset is fabulous. In fact I wonder if that's the official name of a similar rose bush in our garden. Martin threw the tag out before noting the name and now a neighbor of ours is determined to figure it out. She thinks it's Graham Thomas but I don't agree -- GT is too yellow and ours is a deeper orange. It's got buds but no blooms at the moment but I'll take a photo of the next bloom and compare it to yours to see if it's a match.

  6. Ooh - it's this weekend? I hope that all goes well and that you all have a wonderful time!! P.

  7. Is the Royal Sunset a climbing rose? I have a peach colored rose that I planted thinking it was a climber. It's my favorite...but it ruins the bower I've tried to create.

    May the wedding go smoothly.

  8. How perfect you had the rainbow before the wedding!
    My favorite flower is iris--mine are just passing...there are some blossoms left. My only roses are rugosas--being on the ocean.
    Enjoy the weekend! love, Paula

  9. Pseu: Not only does it mean more trimming, but it demonstrates how much rain we get! That green doesn't come from nowhere, right? But I do love it.
    LPC: What's wonderful about gardens is the variety, the way they reflect our place and our personality and our circumstances. . .
    Mardel: Yours is a remarkable garden, albeit in transition right now -- I'm truly enjoying watching it develop.
    Hostess: It's such a great rose and you're right, it has a wonderful fragrance. No, our lot is like a big city lot, not anywhere near an acre. . . but we're lucky to have a beach access easement next to us, which gives an illusion of more space (and which extends our wooded, wild area -- I love that!)
    Susan: The Royal Sunset is a David Austin, like the Graham Thomas, and it's fairly similar in its climbing habits. . . I'll be curious to see if yours might be the same. As Hostess notes above, the fragrance is pretty telltale.
    Patricia: No, the wedding's not 'til next weekend, but my daughter's in-laws-to-be are here, fitting in some visiting and sightseeing before the big day.
    Terri: Yes, it's a climber -- while it's definitely a peach-apricot colour, it's also got a good dollop of copper, which makes it edgier than others in this colour family, imho.
    Paula: We get treated to regular rainbows around here, thanks to the amount of precipitation! I didn't realize you were right on the ocean as well -- it makes for some real gardening challenges, doesn't it!

  10. Oh, your garden is so gorgeous. I'm inspired. My garden is wet, cold and very ugly right now, but at least ONE of the hellebores I put in last year has flowered abundantly ... I have to remember that it's a long-term proposition.

    Good luck with everything!!!


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