Saturday, June 18, 2011

Les Amies et Blogging . . .

I'm not sure why, when I saw this dress in an atelier window(edited to add, for clarity: in Paris), it reminded me of Miss Cavendish, but it did. I think she must once have posted about favouring a similar colour combo, so I snapped it, thinking I'd post it one day as an example of how I carry you around with me as I travel, fellow bloggers and readers.

But then it receded into the background of some hundreds and hundreds of digital images. 'til today, when that punning and stylish academic riffed playfully on some French shopping and chatting she was up to recently.  So Miss C. . . here's my Gallic shout-out to you, This robe's for you. . .

(The shop offered up several models which could be made up in a huge variety of fabrics, with styling tweaks and substitutions as desired -- very tempting. Maybe next year . . . )


  1. I too take my blogging friends with me, out and about. Today we're probably going to get a pedicure. What color do you advise?


  2. Oooh la la! La robe, c'est tres belle. Et j'aime toujours rouge avec aqua. That's my style exactly. Thank you so much for the virtual gift! xo

  3. I also take my blogging friends around!

    I love this dress and I'm saving a copy of the photo in my inspiration file.

  4. Lisa: What colour toes do you have now? I really like OPI's You Don't Know Jacques.
    Miss C: de rien . . .
    Nancy:Isn't it fresh? I also like the green one in the background.

  5. Yes, my blogging friends are often in my thoughts.


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