Sunday, June 12, 2011

And they're off -- to the races, with style!

 What a wonderful day my bride-to-be daughter's friends arranged for her yesterday, and I was so pleased to be included. We were asked to meet at the beautifully-sited Teahouse at Ferguson Point in Stanley Park, and directed to dress for a day at the races, so although we're not all wearing them here, we all have hats tucked away for later.
 I think Megan was happy, don't you? I know I was, getting to see my daughters laughing together with old friends (Meg's best friends from childhood) and new (fellow survivors of her RMT training). Brunch was lively with great food and a Mimosa or Kir Royale or two. . . or three. After all, we weren't going to be driving . . .
 We lost two of our party to other afternoon commitments, but the rest of us waited curiously for our ride. Transportation had been arranged, but we weren't sure what to expect as limousines are in short supply during grad season. . .
My three girls on the right, Meg's best friends on the left
 Hmmmm, well, classy can get a bit boring, no? And who says subtlety is a virtue? Not the crew riding in mile-long pink and white stretch whatever . . . My first time riding in one of these beasts . . . The girls turned on the disco lights and cranked up the tunes to show me how it's done, but then we all agreed that maybe we were all too old for this stuff. Even the 20-somethings.
 Look where the limousine delivered us! A private box at Hastings Park horse races (not quite as glam as it sounds, but we did have our own server to deliver our snacks and drinks).

We made a few bets, hollered during a few races, even scored some small winnings, but the main event was visiting, talking, laughing. . . and accepting the compliments of some neighbouring spectators on the young women's abundant pulchritude -- "You ladies look fan-fucking-tastic," said one admirer, while another later stopped by to say the girls all looked beautiful. Yeah, yeah, we know . . . and by the way, She's getting married!  Aw, he says, don't spoil it.       All good fun.

 Thanks so much for including me, Caitlin
 and Marlis. You two put together an excellent day, and I hope it continued well into the night with dinner, drinks, and more friendship and laughter and childhood reminiscences and much silliness. So lovely to see you so grown-up, so accomplished, and still so very much fun!
And I think you made Megan very happy!

Sartorial note for those who are interested: Splendid as these young women looked, every time I complimented one of them on her outfit, it turned out that she'd bought something for under $50, more often under $25 -- one of my favourite dresses above (and I won't tell you which 'cause who needs her dress's bargain price telecast on the web) was scored for $12 at Winners!  And don't they all look wonderful!


  1. Thanks for being there mom, it was a great day. We hooked up later with B for some grub and cocktails near her place.
    Marlis just came over to pick up caitlin and drive her to the ferry. Those two girls did an awesome job yesterday - it was so so so fun.
    "wooooot wooooot, go canucks go!" hehehehe. you HAVE to holla' at the fans when you are riding in that kind of style:)

  2. Oh, what terrific fun!

    But...where's a picture of *your* hat?

  3. Everyone looks gorgeous, and your daughter especially so in light of her evident happiness.

  4. What a beautiful day - and what gorgeous women! So happy for you that you were there to share this happiness with your child...

  5. I love their happy smiles, cute outfits and the hats do look amazing!
    One can feel the excitement reading your words...
    It looks like a memorable day and one that you will hold close to your heart for days to come.

  6. Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us Mater! The women are all beautiful and Megan looks especially radiant and happy.

    I was going to comment on your balance post the other day but then things got out of balance at home with two kids home from college and coordinating activities.

  7. What a merry, original and completely personal celebration!

  8. Yes. it looks great fun, we see a lot of those Limo's around prom time over here, I confess that I find them ugly, but I know as a child I would have thought them great fun.
    I confess that despite living in York I failed to ever go to the races, but it is on my bucket list, not least now I am obsessed with people watching, I think it would pay photographic dividends!
    Looking forward to the wedding photographs too.

  9. Megan: Yes, it was fun. And you're right, riding "in that kind of style" does seem to demand certain behaviour.
    Pseu: Of course you noticed! I actually did have one (a black straw/paper fedora)but didn't wear it too long, plus you notice that I was more photographer than photographee. . .
    Thanks, Lisa, K. Hostess -- it was a lovely, happy day.
    Susan: Hope you've found your way back to balance again.
    Duchesse: It truly was! A pleasantly different route from other iterations of this ritual . . .
    Alison: Ooh, never fear, I think they're ugly as well. And the girls were both mortified and amused at the hideous size, shape, and colour of this particular version. They do get around the drinking-driving issue quite nicely, though, and allow a group to stay together.

    I went to Redcar races once or twice when I was visiting my rellies in the north and remember it as being quite pretty.

    What surprised me about this scene were how many stay holed up inside in dark rooms with individual screens. Depressing, actually.

  10. Megan is so lovely! I would kill for her colouring and complexion! She looks like the heroine of a 1930s-1940s British mystery. She needs to spend many days of her life wearing bias cut satin gowns and lovely fascinators.

  11. What fun!! And your daughter and her friends looked wonderful - good for them that they did it so frugally!! I love their hats - elegant!

    Excellent outing!

  12. Megan looks radiant. I had to laugh at the limo--I always wonder how vehicles like these manage to turn corners.

  13. Gina: Thanks from a proud mama! She has a personality to live up to her looks, I have to say. As for the bias cut satin . . . you'll have to see the wedding photos when I post them in a few weeks.
    Aunt Snow: It was fun! The hats were so great I was inspired -- might have to pick up one of those little fascinators.
    Terri: Believe me, we were laughing at the limo as well!


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