Sunday, June 5, 2011

And There Is Sunshine . . . .

We're away from the garden today -- we drove down to Victoria yesterday to visit good friends for dinner and perhaps to catch some time with our son.

But Friday afternoon, I uploaded some garden shots from my play in the garden Friday morning. So wonderful to have some sunshine, and it even looks as though it might last a few days AND finally lift us past the 20-degree mark.
Excepting this gorgeous red maple, above, and the mellow greens and soft purple-blues of the rosemary, below, you'll notice that I love the interplay between a sharp golden-chartreuse and deep purples and sharp blues.

 This rugosa rose (Hansa) is going to be the first to bloom. Constance Spry is waaaaay behind schedule, but Royal Sunset has one bud that might open in the weekend's sunshine.
 Golden oregano -- this is really coming into its own on the front rockery, ready for me to divide and spread it -- it's doing yeoman duty in a very tough spot (poor, sandy soil, exposed to saltspray and winter winds).

Hope you had a good weekend whether you were in the garden,
or dining with friends,
or curled up with a book . . .


  1. What a lovely rock wall! I know that I am meant to be focusing on the flowers but that wedged stone looks great!

    It's a lovely day for a drive and dinner with friends.

  2. Beautiful photos, mater. Let's all cheer the sun.

  3. Gorgeous!! I love those red maples especially. Hope you have more sun and some warmth. It's apparently been quite chilly here while we were away, and doesn't look to be warming up past 20C here either in the next week.

  4. Oh my gosh, we are dying down here in Texas. Extreme drought conditions, coupled with record breaking triple digit temps. It is so depressing. What is going on? Nevertheless, the pics are luscious, Mater. Just wondering how far away you live from Hostess? You both have gardens I would love to wander thru! Happy Sunday, and wishes for a good week ahead.

  5. Your garden is so lovely...very similar in color palette to mine here in New England. In fact, we just planted a Japanese red maple today. Roses and peonies on the brink of bloom!
    PS and love the stone wall too!!

  6. Yay for sunshine! By the look of that golden oregano you'd never know it was struggling, though I've heard some plants need a little struggle to thrive.

  7. I am so impressed by the array of color in the first photo and by how healthy that red maple appears. I see people plant them in my area...but they don't often survive. I worked all Friday in our garden--two bushels of various lettuces and a bushel and a half of spinach!

  8. Hostess: We love our rock well as well -- we were very lucky several years ago to have been able to get a very talented islander to build it for us. He really does a great job with drystone walls.
    Pseu: two warm days in a row! feels great!
    Marguerite: Hostess and I are probably 90 minutes driving time apart. And yes, the weather patterns are alarming!
    Pavlova: Isn't it a great time in the garden? Sounds as if we're co-ordinated.
    Susan: It does seem to have found its niche.
    Terri: What a great haul of greens from your garden -- that must be very satisfying.
    We don't seem to have too much trouble with the maples here -- except from the deer, which have completely denuded one of ours!

  9. Nola is adorable, and although I have only recently put broodiness to bed I will not at all be averse to becoming a grandmother! I do think it is such a shame we even have to think about posting photographs of children, but we do, and it will be a sorry loss as Nola is completely photogenic.

    Thank you for your Chelsea Flower Show comments I just know you would LOVE it, I am not sure if there is such a thing anywhere else, or is it just us that has this strange desire to create temporary wonderment.
    Your garden indeed reflects the rich planting I saw there you very much score on the perennials and roses over me, I seem to have so few and thus my garden is without any colour at the moment other than green and white.
    Finally, I still can't get my head around the fact that you can make a donut hole!!! But I know you can because I've been there and eaten them in that strange Tim Horton place..

  10. Alison: So far, her mom and dad don't mind me posting the photos, but I can't help wondering what she'll think some day.
    As for the doughnut holes, my mom used to make them for us on the (rare) occasions she'd get out the deep fryer to make a batch of doughnuts -- the "holes," of course, are simply made from the doughnut dough punched out of the centre -- not only does cooking those up save waste, but they're the perfect size for a small appetite.
    Tim Horton's we do have on our side of the country, but it's a much greater phenomenon back East . . . here we tend to be overrun by artisan coffee places such that we have the opportunity to scorn Starbucks . . .


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