Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mother of the Bride Shoes, Which would you choose?

 Ooooh, this is such fun. . . Here are reader guesses so far for my Mother of the Bride shoe, to wear with this dress, and chosen from the Fluevog website. Above is L'age Moyen's choice, Belle Star, shown in the website's default colour. . . .

and below is the Paris, chosen by Miss Cavendish (who also, along with Lisa of AmidPrivilege, chose the Fatima in turquoise/grey)

And Lisa also chose these Aspire sandals

I'm not sure which colour L'Age Moyen meant to choose for the Belle Star, so here's another possibility . . . pretty, no?

I'm having such fun checking out your guesses that I'm going to wait for a few more before the big reveal . . .  Remember, the shoes I've already bought were Fluevogs, so any guesses have to be from the Fluevog website.


  1. I don't know but I'm loving the Fatima!

  2. The Paris is the perfect shoe! So wearable with other clothing and won't compete with your accessories. The aqua sandals are divine, though. This is fun.

  3. Ohh, some cute ones in there! I particularly like the aqua Belle Star sandals.

  4. Those are some terrific choices! I think my fave in this batch are the aqua ones...

  5. Lesley: I know! Aren't they cute!
    Marguerite: The Paris is elegant and simple -- but the heel is quite high. . .
    Susan: See above . . .
    Nancy: Such a great colour -- and that bow!
    Hostess: Gorgeous, but those heels . . .
    K: Isn't it a great colour complement to the dress!


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