Saturday, May 28, 2011

A little battered . . .

And you wonder why I like to travel carry-on!!

That's what I was doing yesterday, and all went well on the flight to Montreal, but from Montreal to Fredericton, even my regulation-size carry-on was too big for the smaller plane's overhead bins and I had to leave it on a trolley outside the plane for the baggage handlers to toss into the hold. And toss they did! When I  picked it up on de-planing, I wondered why it was so hard to pull -- this wheel was stoved right in, so much so that the sturdy-but-not-sturdy-enough exterior is cracked and there are several holes through to the case's lining. I'm probably going to be hunting for duct tape before I head back on Wednesday.

I'm feeling a bit battered myself, truth be told. Besides my video-screen not working throughout the flight to Montreal yesterday, we were late enough that the close connections left no time for a dinner meal and all was shut by the time we got in. And my lodging turns out to be way out in Mall-land, a good 45-minute, not very attractive walk from the (very attractive) campus. And I lost a favourite brooch, one I coveted every time I walked past it in the window on Neal Street in London, 'til I finally succumbed. .  .

Still, the on-campus volunteers are remarkably friendly and helpful, I heard two exciting lectures today, got some good (walking) exercise, and now I'm going to hide out for the rest of the afternoon/evening with the weekend paper. Tomorrow will be a long day, and like my poor suitcase, I don't bounce back from fatigue as quickly as I once did. . .


  1. Oh poor suitcase and poor weary traveler. The brooch, particularly, brings back memories of a favorite bracelet lost on a trip; and I was sure I knew exactly where I put it....

    And evening with the paper sounds like the perfect way to handle that day-after-travel weariness that wants for nothing more than a little pampering and sleep.

  2. Oh, dear, the loss of the brooch is the most distressful. You will have to buy something else wonderful to compensate.

    Sorry about the suitcase - will it at least last to bring you back home?

  3. So many mishaps all at once, boo! Still, your focus is right, I think, tonight to put it all aside. You're presenting tomorrow, no? Enjoy that. Enjoy the results of your work. And then we can all join hands and shake them at the airlines...

  4. You poor thing. I hope everything picks up for you!

  5. When travel works it's thrilling, and when glitches and losses pile up, so dispiriting. Hope the sun shines for the rest of the jaunt!

  6. Mardel: I'm trying to just sit in the letting-go of the brooch. I just wish I'd photographed it, but I have some happy pictures in my head of Nola loving its little figures.
    Aunt Snow: I bought some duct tape today and I'm hoping that's going to do the job -- I really wasn't willing to take time to go suitcase-shopping here!
    LPC: Yes, some hand-shaking will definitely be on the menu. But my paper went well and the sun's shining today. . .
    Tiffany and Duchesse: Thanks, the sympathy helps, and I have since bucked up. How could I resist the charms of a lobster dinner served to the strains of Acadian fiddle music?!


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