Friday, May 13, 2011

Dependent on Blogger, Grateful it's Back

 While I've often been caught  complaining about Blogger, generally to the effect that it's gobbled up a comment or even part of a post I'm writing -- hence the accompanying photo of a wonderful sculpture by Guillaume Renou found in front of the Musé des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux, a ready-to-gobble crocodile -- I rarely take the time to thank Blogger for what it has brought me over the last eight or so years.  Whatever awful glitch caused the service to be available on a read-only basis (so that we could not get any feedback on our writing nor could we comment on posts we read) has made me pause to reflect on how dependent I have become on this software. Despite its limitations, Blogger nonetheless accommodates my addiction hobby quite well. And, um, it's free . . .
 I'd be lying if I said I was not annoyed yesterday. I had worked hard on this post, Statcounter was reporting very healthy traffic, yet I was getting no comments. As my visiting daughter noted, having had her own blog for several years, "But that's what pays you for all your work, those reader comments." Exactly. So I missed those. Then I fretted this morning when not only were there no comments, but the post itself and the preparatory draft for my next post were gone. Besides which, none of my blogging friends all over the world were updating, and any posts I was just getting 'round to couldn't accommodate my wish to respond. 
But it seems all is back to normal now, and I'm sure some exhausted technicians are hoping to get some sleep after some serious all-night overtime. I appreciate their work, even if I tend to take it for granted unless there's a problem

So thanks for all you do Blogger, and may you keep operating relatively smoothly -- we might malign you regularly, even curse occasionally, but you're part of our lives now, and your health is very important to us.  As for all my commenters and fellow bloggers, welcome! it's good to be chatting again, isn't it! If we didn't already realize how important we've become in each other's days, 20.5 hours of enforced absence have certainly schooled us.

My draft is showing up on my Blogger Dashboard again, so I should get that new post up tomorrow sometime. Meanwhile, feel free to comment on any of the last several posts that might have been, um, gobbled up. . . What do you think of this whole Blogger fiasco?


  1. I did try to comment on the last post - I was puzzled, but I can imagine your frustration. I was just going to say how much I loved the report and the photos and to say (as I've said many times before) how much I admire your commitment to carry-on luggage only!! :0)

  2. It was frustrating, but also made me realize how fragile our systems really are. And I decided to keep a file of email addresses for those bloggers I stay most in contact with.

  3. It was bizarre - I was quite thrown by not being able to leave comments, then when people's most recent posts started dropping out, I got really alarmed! So glad to see everything back ...

  4. When I left the house this morning Blogger was still down...I haven't even gone to check my own blog yet...
    I wanted to see what fabulous posts were waiting for me from my favourite bloggers...

    I really must say that since discovering blogs my life has really changed!

    It's a hobby like you mention but it is such a great tool for connecting with others.

    I missed you mater!

  5. Blogger seems to eaten several of my comments on past posts, but I like your positive spirit about technical glitches and love those chops!

  6. Patricia: thanks for coming back to replenish the comments -- they really do mean so much.
    Lorrie: It really does underscore our dependence -- I'm thinking that I should finally get around to posting an e-mail address so that I can be reached even if Blogger comments don't work.
    Tiffany: I know you mentioned earlier having problems commenting -- and I've noticed a decrease in comments while my overall traffic has remained healthy. I suspect yesterday's problems might have a longer history than we know. . .
    Hostess: It really has become our community, hasn't it?!
    Susan: Aren't they great? And the surface is made of a metallic material that gleams a wonderful iridescent dance in the sunshine.

  7. Good. morning...just stopping by to thank for your London tips. We returned last night after a BUSY are so correct, one will never be bored in London! Visited the British Musem, V & A, Hampton court, Tower, Windsor
    Castle...went to the theatre (Children's Hour), and much more flaneuring around the city. Here in New England, the lilacs are are full bloom....heavenly!!
    Loved your Paris purchases, and am still so impressed by your
    ability to travel with the carry-on and look so very chic.

  8. I did try to comment on your last post, but could not. Have to say, even as I was complaining, I was very glad to see things back in working order this morning...

  9. Pavlova: So glad your trip went well. Wasn't The Children's Hour amazing? That Bryony Hannah did a superb job.

    And I'm glad your lilacs are blooming you a welcome home -- ours are still tightly budded against the cold.
    K: We're so very dependent -- a bit scary . . .


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