Monday, March 28, 2011

Yummy Food and New Friends

 Yesterday (Sunday) was one of our favourite days in France. Blogging friend Lesley, whom we met for dinner at La Table des Assiettes on Saturday night, invited us to her home where we met her delightful children and headed out with the family on a seaside jaunt. We hiked to the top of the highest dune in Europe,  strolled along sandy beaches and noted charming local architecture, ate crêpes and gaufres in the sunshine, checked out oyster shacks, and generally enjoyed getting beyond the urban.

I have oodles of pictures for you and I'll try to post them tomorrow, perhaps trying to organize a mosaic. But as you may have noticed, there have been technical challenges, so I'll wait 'til we're back in our comfy Paris apartment. Meanwhile, check out Pater's and Lesley's dessert plates from Saturday night (I had crème brulée, not quite so photogenic.
 And here's Pater's (rather good, I'd say) photo of the new blogging friends. Thanks so much, Lesley, for making our weekend in Bordeaux so memorable.


  1. I'm quite beside myself with envy ...

  2. Oh, it looks and sounds just wonderful!

  3. Could Lesley set the blogging bar any higher? I fail to even get you into an exhibition then make you buy me dinner she gives you the real Gallic deal plus the seaside! I hang my head...
    I am in awe that you ran in Paris; you are now a local, non?

  4. So wonderful. And I know what good companions you and Pater make.

  5. If that smile gets any bigger you are going to need a wide-angle lens!

  6. Adorable people and yummy food :-).

  7. Tiffany: someday, we'll have to do a meet-up, no?
    Pseu: It was!
    Alison: We have SO enjoyed our visits with you -- Paul was just saying that he really enjoys our conversations about art. And we really appreciate you coming into the city to meet us after you've put in a full day at work already. So no head-hanging!!
    and I like what you say about the running -- it does make me feel like a local, in a way, like I can stop worry about how to fit in, as Lisa said earlier, and be in the city as myself.
    LPC: and we you . . .
    Duchesse: Ha! I love this comment -- I've been telling Pater I'm not going to smile so much for the camera anymore, but it's hard to stop in these circumstances.
    Susan: It was such fun eating with a new blogging friend.

  8. I read this post out to the children who were delighted to be called delightful!

  9. Lesley: I'm glad they were pleased -- we really enjoyed their company!


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