Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simple Pleasures . . . in Bordeaux

 Yesterday's lunch, eaten in the Bordeaux sunshine -- Salade Landaise, which seems even better than the Salade Auvergnate I usually order. If you're a vegetarian, you won't be impressed, obviously, nor will you be if you dislike charcuterie.  As for me, I loved the warm gésiers and the smoked magret (duck breast) you see edging the bottom of the plate was amazing -- such an intense flavour. The foie gras canard  silky smooth, perfectly complemented by the juniper berries and chunks of sel fleuri. White asparagus spears tucked in among the greens, the tomato quarters sweet and flavourful, suggesting summer yet to come. Mmmmmm.

And Pater enjoyed the best. frites. ever. Seriously good, good fries. Definitely potatoes this morning, perhaps just an hour ago! That omelette has the very thinly sliced ham (think proscuitto more than N. Am. ham) cooked into it whole, with cheese oozing inside -- and neither of us have ever imagined that so much air could be whipped into an omelette -- reminded me of zabaglione!

After the previous night's dinner, I'd been thinking maybe I'd go wine-free for, um, maybe a day or so. But somehow the sunshine, the crowd-watching, the leisure after the morning's TGV ride, all convinced me that a glass of rosé would be perfection (is such the road to perdition?)
And it was . . .

More Bordeaux pics to come -- I can't stop taking them, marvelling at the difference from Paris, the sunshine, the crowds. . . . but for now, I'd better get out and explore. Only three days here altogether.

Hope you're finding time to relax with some simple pleasures this weekend -- Enjoy!


  1. I know that holiday feeling - when you say, "I'm going to skip the booze for a couple of days. I seem to be drinking a lot - just by default." And then the next beautiful meal comes and it deserves a beautiful drink. So I understand how all the French people have wine at every meal.

  2. Your post is infused with such pleasure! Enjoy, you can be austere when you return. And I always maintain that walking (and in your case running)cancels the indulgence.

  3. Have a wonderful time. I hope you see the Dordogne, and maybe travel to a few of the little villages. That's where I worked, 30+ years ago, in a summer camp. Le Buisson de Cadouin. Anyway, enjoy. But I wonder, where there supposed to be photos here? I don't see any.

  4. For some reason, can't get your pictures to load. :-(

    Isn't is just amazing, how a simple meal can be elevated by superior ingredients and preparation? I've been there too regarding the wine, but getting lulled back into a lunchtime verre. You're on vacation after all...

    I'd say, "enjoy" but sounds as though you're in full enjoyment mode already!

  5. wow--in bourdeau...perhaps my favourite french wine...sheesh i am green green green and yeah, the meat keeps coming in france, doesn't it? but as your descriptions attest, they do it up right. hard to complain! Carry on--can't wait for the pics! Lisa xo


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