Tuesday, March 29, 2011

River Walk in Bordeaux

 We've just come in from a splendid day in the Bois de Boulogne, but I'm determined to post my Bordeaux pics . . . these are of our walk Saturday morning along the marvellous waterfront promenade along the Garonne River.
 While we had lots of room to manouevre when we started out
 the promenade quickly filled with Bordelais families, singles, couples, all taking advantage of the spring sunshine. Cyclists in groups
 or single -- and yes, he's riding backwards and loving the attention!
 I'm always amused by these scooters which are commonly used by adults of all ages in France -- and why not, really? They certainly make it easier to keep up with the kids . . . and they must make commmuting faster, certainly more fun.
 As spoiled as Pater and I are at home, keeping our kayaks right on our beach through the summer, we were very impressed at this paddler's determination to get into the water -- he overcomes a few hurdles to do so, throwing his boat and gear over that rail, hopping over himself, then carrying it down a narrow stairway and somehow getting himself into it without toppling. Tricky.
 Skateboards used to be a bit rebellious; now all the young dads (and some mums) seem to be sporting them. Generations obviously change . . .
 I love this image, and you can see how family activity time is prized here . . .
 But when one needs to take a break from all that exercise, the promenade has rows of cafes and restaurants punctuating all the outlet stores housed in former warehouses.
 These "hangers" have been put to various uses and given different architectural treatments -- this was my favourite although we never did discover what use the building is put to -- what are all those stairways providing access to?

 This skateboarder was urging his kids to keep up -- what a fun way for a family to play together . . . and the next generation of boarders is being trained up . . .

 In this park reserved for 3-10 year olds, tiny cyclists, scooter-riders, and skateboarders tried their tricks or just enjoyed the gentle hilliness.
 I didn't see any skateboarding dogs, but it's probably only a matter of time . . .
We passed a pleasant few minutes watching these guys burn off some of that teen-aged energy -- what a great use of civic monies, I think, to keep the youngsters occupied and the rest of us entertained.

Next up, some seaside fun. . . . but meanwhile, I'm curious -- do you have a great place for families to get out and be active together in your city? I'm thinking of San Francisco's waterfront that we walked earlier this year,    the Stanley Park seawall in Vancouver . . . It seems to be to be a mark of a rich civil life to be able to get out and enjoy the outdoors pleasantly, in the very basic human activity of walking. . . .


  1. It looks like a lovely scene! We have a lot of small parks with playgrounds in our town (one right across the street). I love it when families come and set up all-day picnics on the weekends. Some bring volleyball nets or have softball or kickball games in the baseball diamond. No nearby cafes though!

  2. I keep commenting and then my comments don't show up - I'll try again! Loving all your pics and stories.

    And, yes, we have plenty of spaces like that. There's the famous Bondi Beach, where we used to live, with a great skate bowl just behind the promenade, and lots of parks throughout the city where you see families cycling, walking, picnicking, etc. And we now live right next to a 62-hectare waterfront park, so we're a little spoilt ...

  3. Without your posts, I could never have imagined skate-boarding parents!

  4. There are amazing parks everywhere here, Hyde Park is the favourite especially the Kensington Gardens end, where you will see some French Yummy Mummy's too.

  5. I can't believe my eyes! Do you see the photograph of the tall guy an a skateboard wearing the blue shirt? Well that's our friend Emmanuel. Now, look behind him and you'll see Zachary on a bike!
    What a coincidence, and we hadn't even met at that point.

  6. I've been having the same trouble with comments as Tiffany, but will press on. In Budapest there are a myriad of places to go, especially in the Buda hills. However, there is also an island in the middle of the Danube (Margit Island) which is just gorgeous, with swimming pools and cafés and a running track around the island. There are also some parks on the Pest side. I just got back from Berlin, where there are lots of green spaces, including palace grounds and the like, for people to spend time in, not to mention all the wonderful architecture and history to admire. P.

  7. Reminds me of a French friend's daughter's apt. (Paris). Everyone in the family has at least one skateboard; they are mounted on the livingroom wall like an installation! Seeing more and more of those scooters here, plus an upsurge in electric bikes.

    Looks like you have had spectacular weather.

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  9. Pseu: It's a wonderful energy to share, isn't it? Adding the cafés to the mix, for me, added singles and those past the age of taking children out . . . there were many couples our age sans enfants (sans skateboards too!) and we all seemed to enjoy being in the presence of such exuberance.
    Tiffany: Something's def. been going on with Blogger -- I've been using Google Chrome for my browser and having more luck, but before that the whole photo-upload deal was a problem -- feel a bit bullied by the Blogger/Google consortium!
    Sounds as if you have an abundance of what I'm talking about here -- and the weather to enjoy it!
    Terri: I was surprised at how mainstream it is!
    Alison: Ah! The London parks! We loved them, and we are so impressed at how well used they are -- they really give the city a lively air.
    Lesley: That's crazy! Makes you wonder how many of such coincidences happen without our knowing. Not just the stuff of fiction!
    Patricia: Those city spaces sound wonderful as well -- the energy they support really adds something to a city's character, don't you think?
    Duchesse: I love the sound of that wall -- skateboards as art!
    I think we're all looking for new ways to move, especially as gas prices go anywhere but down. . . and yes, the weather's been spectacular. It's down to 14 (high) today, but expected to reach the low 20s again on the weekend. Stellar!

  10. That bare chested young man in shorts tells me it's quite warm. How are you managing?

    I loathe being hot.

    Yes, there's plenty to do with young persons in San Francisco.


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