Thursday, March 24, 2011

Les Vitrines de Paris . . . Windows, windows . . .

I promised you Paris windows, and I'm quite proud to deliver this beauty: this is the Hermès window in St. Germain. Whimsy on a grand scale!

and more whimsy a few blocks away in the Paul Smith windows, as surveyed by my prince (who fits so well into the Parisian scene, I must say!). 
I'll guard him carefully against the fate of these poor frogs in Paul Smith togs (or at least I'll be ready with a kiss . . . )

Giant stuffed toys in colourful bedrooms, fairy tales illustrated through beautiful clothes . . . and check out these kimonos in Kenzo

This next photo is from the Paul Smith window, for my daughter who's planning to use succulents as a decorative theme at her June wedding -- there you go, Meg, thinking of you . . .

And finally, for any other do-it-yourselfers, and also from the Paul Smith window, you could transform your everyday shoes to metallically splendid ones . . .

I'm sure to come across many more windows to share with you -- (my fascination with these ones belies my claim of wariness toward conceptual art, since that's rather what these are, no?). Next post will have another one or two "What I Wore" and some architectural details and random courtyard/garden shots -- moi comme flâneuse, basically.  It's easy to celebrate the everyday here in Paris, but I hope you also manage to find quotidian joys in your neighbourhood today. . . and if you do, you know your comments are always welcome. . .


  1. Nobody does store windows like the French! Those Paul Smith windows are priceless. And Pater looks to be right in his element. Enjoy!!

  2. The windows are a show in themselves! (I can't resist the children's ones, ever!) And still sunny, perfect for walking. How is the apt.?

  3. Pseu: I'm continually mesmerized by them. The Paul Smith windows changed today, so I'm really pleased I got the shots I did -- I'm partial to frogs!
    Duchesse: I cross the street to check out the children's store windows -- have a few to show later.
    I should have answered you earlier re the apartment -- it's great, and I thank you again for the recommendation. The meeting with the agent all went so smoothly, the place is clean, decently appointed kitchen, washing machine, nice layout -- and v. quiet except for the dog who sometimes gets abandoned down the hall. . .

  4. I'm so glad you're photographing windows. I love the shop windows in Paris!

    Thank you for sharing your fun with us.

  5. Oh, mater, glorious! The prince clothes are completely adorable.

  6. How interesting the display of mens' wear is!

  7. j'adore succulents and spray painted shoes!!!
    these are good things :)
    thinking of you too - lots of sun here.

  8. No one does windows like the French!! Nope because Paul Smith is English and we do it better. Xenophobic to the very core of my marrow, that's me…especially where the French are concerned.

    I have truly loved watching the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan whooping Sarkozy's butt this week. That man needs taking down a peg or two and some!

    The windows are indeed a treat, loving the S&M vibe of Hermes, a saddle and a whip in the bedroom? Zut Alors!!!

  9. What a great post! They're just not afraid to be creative over there. Those collapsed suits - could that ever happen anywhere else? Keep shooting - your photo journal is allowing me to live vicariously!

  10. Patricia: Me too.
    Susan: Thanks and you're welcome!
    LPC AND Terri: isn't it a great display!
    Meg: I knew you'd like the succulent photo -- glad you're getting some sunshine.
    Alison: You're too funny! Too! Sadly, we missed the Erdogan-Sarkoczy -- Paul's especially wishing he'd seen that.
    L'age: I'd better point out Indigo's comment, because of course those brits (Londoners esp.) do some pretty fab windows as well, and Paul Smith is one of theirs. that said, the windows over here are amazing, London & Paris both.


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