Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what SHE wore, all pink . . .

Perhaps Duchesse is not the only reader who finds me somewhat selfish showing pictures of what I wore, mentioning Nola, and showing no pictures of that little girl. Who cares what Nana wore, I can hear Duchesse fret, where's that Nola?

So Duchesse, these are for you. Nola models the sweater I knit her, insisting (above) that she do up the button herself -- as she now does for all zippers, buttons, snaps, and velcro. Ah, independence!
And she's obviously got layering down -- the sweater over her pink-print hoodie over a green t-shirt. She was quite delighted that now she had 1-2-pinks (counting the brighter pieces, sweater and pants, ignoring the hoodie's pale imitation).
She's hard to get a shot of these days, moving so quickly, but she did keep flashing her smile so I could photograph her basketball skills . . .

We pick her up from daycare again today, but before that, I think we'll do some Vancouver tourism (probably zip out to UBC's Museum of Anthropology) and, lucky me, I'm getting a massage this afternoon at the Massage Therapy school my daughter's attending, from my daughter. What a treat!
And then after Nola's dad takes over at dinnertime, Pater and I have another french lesson -- yesterday's went well, and I'm looking forward to a few more before . . . but no, that can wait for another post. . . . What are you up to today?
And tell me, honestly, you prefer the Nola posts to the What I Wore posts too, don't you?!


  1. I like both kinds of posts. How could one not like that smile? But you've got a pretty good one of your own. Smile, I mean:).

  2. I love them all mater!
    Nola is a sweet little munchkin...and your day sounds perfect!

  3. I'm with LPC, both are great. She is too adorable for words. That picture of her buttoning the sweater is priceless.

  4. Did I use the word "selfish"? For I did not even think it.

    I think of Nola, and review her pics in my mind, that is how adorable she is! I see her feminine essence emerging by the month. In some shots, I imagine I see the young woman she will become, just a glimpse. I love seeing her discover the world. Such a pleasure to me to see these photos. Thank you!

  5. Ok, I'm going to take a guess - have you booked a week at a cooking school in France, in French? Or, you will stay in France for longer than your usual week or so, hence the wish for a bit more practice? It all sounds very mysterious, looking forward to finding out!! P.

  6. She just gets cuter by the minute! Enjoy what sounds like a fun day.

  7. Oh I love both kinds of posts! And Nola's smile is just gorgeous, but it is evident where she gets it from. The joy in your photos of her are just magical.

  8. The top photo is PRICELESS! I think both types of posts are delightfully layered :-)

  9. Thanks, LPC, Hostess, Pseu -- isn't she sweet?!
    Duchesse: Oh dear, I should have used the wink emoticon -- of course, I was teasing, and I absolutely know you would not have called me selfish. I'm so pleased that you get such enjoyment out of following Nola's progress through these years.
    Patricia: You're a perspicacious guesser -- more soon . . .
    Tiffany: It was fun, but busy. J'suis fatiguée!
    Mardel: She really is a joyful little person.
    K: I really wish I'd had the "goöd"camera for that shot, 'cause I think it's such a lovely moment. Thanks.

  10. Nola! I love that one of her buttoning the sweater.

    I love both kinds of posts.

    Tell us about the French lessons.

  11. She's a cutie, Mater. But no I don't prefer one over the other.

  12. What happened to baby Nola? This big Nola must have eaten her?
    And, yeah, some days I do prefer seeing that pink bundle of joy. Other days I prefer seeing your work your gorgeous style and fierce main.:-)

  13. Susan: French news soon to come . . .
    Terri: Good, then, I can keep mixing it up . . .
    LBR: I know! Isn't it amazing how quickly she transformed!


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