Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunning and Running . . .

Tell me if this is too much of a good thing . . . but we don't get this kind of sunrise that often, and this one struck me as using such a different palette than yesterday's that I bounded to the beach again this morning, in my pjs and slippers, camera in hand.
To the Northeast, these slightly greyed pastels,
so very soothing. . .
even with the freighter's contrasting heavy darkness . . .
After I gathered these sea- and sky-scapes for your appreciation, I headed out for my last -- and peak -- long run before the Half Marathon I'll be running next weekend (this weekend we'll be at the opera. . . more on that later). I had some misgivings about this run, because I'm a bit later than I should be with the 20-kilometre distance; most running guides have someone my age tapering for at least two weeks before the race, so I'm stretching a bit. But I goofily decided to do some extra stairwork on Saturday, which meant I was too sore to risk a long run, Sunday, and I pushed it off 'til today.
What I was really pleased to find is that despite my qualms, I had a well-paced and reasonably comfortable run, no weak spots squawking too loudly as I added round to round -- it takes five circuits of the island to get the distance I need, but at least I can stop at home to hydrate and to discard extra garments as I warm up.
Over the past 4-6 weeks, I've had a few scares -- left-foot Achilles, right knee, left hip, all the usual suspects -- but each time, I've paid attention after with stretching, icing, resting, and, occasionally, an Advil or two. I've "listened to my body" but also pushed it a little, and I realized, joyfully, today, that I've got a solid foundation I seem to be able to count on. Not surprising, I guess, given that I've built it carefully over a fairly long period. This will be my third Half Marathon in less than a year (the early two were last May, then November) and while I wouldn't have done this one if it hadn't been for these guys (thanks, sistahs!), I'm thrilled to be enjoying this fitness level. . .
Today, running in the sunshine,
bumping into that wealth of endorphins that greets me at around 12 or 14K . . .
life is truly good . . . . Pater's making curried chicken for dinner (one of Vij's recipes, yumm!) and he's got a batch of bread rising by the woodstove. . . my appetite's well whetted . . .

how's your day shaping up? (and I'm so sorry to those of you East of the Rockies who seem to be struggling with serious winter weather -- I hope you see my photos as sharing, not gloating -- bundle up!)


  1. How inspiring! I started the couch to 5K programme before Christmas but then it got cold and ..... excuses, excuses. I must get back to it soon.

  2. This is the one part of my life I need to seriously improve.

  3. Yes, it got cold. I am buried in snow on the outside, stuff on the inside. If I dig my way out I might see the dawn again.

  4. What a beautiful morning to inspire you! Good luck on your upcoming race.

  5. I admire your dedication to fitness...I am not a runner.

    Yum I have Vij's cookbook too...the whole house will be scented with exotic spices...

    The images that you captured today remind me of Tony Onley's paintings.

  6. I'm very impressed that this is the third marathon in a year! Are you the only folks on your island?These photos are even lovelier than yesterday's...as I am blizzard-bound in the American midwest.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing that beauty. it's worth getting up early for those wonderful scenes.

  8. Lesley: Well, you had such a cold winter, I'd say you had a good excuse. I don't like running in snow and ice.
    LPC: I feel pleased to have made the running and my Pilates a very solid habit, but it took a long time . . .
    Mardel: You're working up some serious fortitude though!
    Nancy: Thanks, Finishing's my main goal!
    Hostess: Yoga, walking, running, Pilates . . . whatever keeps us moving, right?
    We love Vij's books, although they call for some shocking amounts of butter, oil, cream. . . but yes, those wonderfully rich aromas, dinner was v. good.
    Terri: Half marathons! Half only. . . quite enough for me. Two of the younger sisters I'll be running with have run four or five marathons each (one did Boston last year), but I think the half will do me just fine.
    My sympathies regarding your weather -- I've heard they're using the term "Snowpocalypse" -- sounds scary cold!
    Jane M: Welcome and thanks for commenting -- yes, it really is worth hauling myself out of bed so early when I get a reward like this.

  9. The Hermès orange in that last one is amazing.
    I feel very lazy when I think of you running, sadly my heavy bones were designed to sprint not jog, (well that's my excuse) so I will forever be a gym bunny/dog walker I guess. Good luck with your run and remember butter + oil + cream = flavour! And you've earnt it!

  10. Le sigh! This is my version of meditation. Mater, that last photo is so gorgeous. It looks like an abstract painting. Love these.
    And I am happy to hear that you are feeling in control of your injury. I know how important running is for you.
    p.s. this post is made better with the imaginary waft of chicken curry that you provoked in my imagination.

  11. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing these colors.

    I've declared 2011 to be the year of dressing better and losing weight, hence am exercising more and paying more attention to food choices. It's hard.

  12. Alison: I'm very lucky, I know, that so far I'm able to run -- there are so many bodies that don't suit it, at any age. But walking is very good for maintaining fitness as well, especially when combined with the gym.
    Belette: it was a pretty good curry, waft and all . . .
    Susan: It is hard, isn't it! I do find, though, that eventually it becomes a habit that actually brings pleasure. . .

  13. these sunset pictures are gorgeous! sunsets are my most favourite thing in nature. i always take a picture if i see a good sunset. :)
    cya at the opening blogger nite at the opera!

  14. Nik: Looking forward to seeing you this evening!


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