Tuesday, February 22, 2011

and more Grey Casual, Trying for Chic

Made an effort again yesterday -- underneath the coat I'm wearing a grey wool flannel dress/jumper. Grey tights. My Fluevog boots.

The photo below better reflects, for me, how well-dressed I feel in this coat (a Banana Republic Heritage cashmere). The one above caught me worrying a bit about proportions with the boots, the "stubbiness"factor. Pater dismissed my self-deprecation, as he should, and said it looked great. After 35+ years, he's well trained.

We had Nola sleep over at our apartment last night, delivered her to DayCare this morning. What a joy to see how happily she runs in to greet her playmates and the caregivers -- not a qualm about waving us good-bye. We'll pick her up at 4:30-ish, and hang out 'til her Dad's home from work. Her mom's travelling for work, and right now is in ABCD, as Nola says, translating what we obviously mean by Washington, DC. . . .
In other breaking news, I've been driving our boat again lately, after not bothering for the last three years, since we switched (a coerced non-choice) to a much more difficult-to-dock-at facility. Driving's easy, of course, but I need to practice docking -- I was pleased at how readily it came back to me, though, and hope to get back into using the boat more often rather than relying on the ferry -- during the summer, when the tourists are plentiful, waiting for the ferry can be truly irritating.
And as for refreshing old knowledge, Pater and I are heading off for a French lesson this afternoon. I'm a bit nervous but mainly excited about that. . . . More later . . .


  1. I'd say you've achieved chic! The black and white scarf adds a bit of drama.

    I'm so delighted to see so much grey available on the racks again this season. It's a great, chic alternative for those of us *trying* to wean ourselves off a closet full of black.

  2. Very chic outfit indeed. Lovely to hear that Nola enjoys day care - mine always did, but there were always a few who cried every morning, which must be devastating for parents/grandparents doing the drop-off.
    Docking and French lessons - are you sure you're busy enough!?

  3. Your hair is straight! That's what grabbed me right away! Looks great mater.

    I like the arts and crafts chairs and the colour of your kitchen!
    I know I am meant to be checking out the greys but I am excited to peek at your interior!

    Gosh, driving a boat, minding Nola, dressing well, and French lessons...you are on busy gal.

  4. I admire you for the docking abilities. I avoid that like the plague and it is just a boat on a lake.

  5. Pseu: I agree! Grey is a more forgiving colour than black. I'll never give up all the black, but switching over to brown and grey when possible does switch up the look a bit.
    Tiffany: As a grandma, I'm so reassured to see how she loves her daycare -- I can't imagine how I could have left her today if I'd had tears to contend with . . .
    Hostess: I thought of you when we brought these chairs and table home before Christmas -- the chairs are originals, c. 1920/30s, and the table was built to match them. We're very pleased with how well they suit our home.
    Terri: Believe me, I've been doing my share of avoidance, but I'm trying to take the bull by the horns . . .

  6. She is there, and no picture? Just torture me, ma!

    Hmmm, "French lessons"... let me guess!

  7. Duchesse: I've made it up to you. And yes, you're both observant AND a good guesser. . .

  8. Oh my, the hair and the scarf! Incredibly chic and no stubbiness that I can see.

  9. I like your hair that way.

    I look forward to hearing more about the French lessons.

  10. Mardel and Susan: thanks! I'd like to wear my hair like this more often, but it doesn't take much moisture in the air for it to frizz right up.

  11. Love the graphic scarf against the classicly simple coat.


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