Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Working in a Fog . . .

While this photo looks like an accident with the shutter control, a photo perhaps taken inside the camera bag, it's actually a shot of the view from our beach yesterday. . .
Fog swaddled us from every direction . . .
not only muffling boat motors but happily shutting down seaplane flights for an overall very welcome reduction of decibels.
My camera's brain didn't know where to focus in the apparent nothingness, so I had to seek out flotsam and jetsam for it or stick to the shoreline . . .
Perfect weather for staying inside with a roaring fire, getting words onto a page . . .


  1. That looks like San Francisco summer weather...

    I love foggy weather though. We get a good bit of it here in mornings in spring and early summer.

  2. I am a fan of fog as well. I love the many weather moods of your special island.

  3. Wow. Very atmospheric. Do you have foghorns, the way we do here?

  4. It settled in here mid morning yesterday...but was short lived as the wind picked up...

    Your images remind me that there is a salty scent that accompanies the's surprising that it does clear my head.

  5. You know I think you have the most beautiful view ever - but this is so depressing! I loathe dark and fog and damp and cold. I am so sick of everything right now. I mean weather. Where is the sun???

    (Can you sense the PMS in this comment.)

  6. Pseu: The calm is lovely, in a fog, but I like it best when I can stay home. Or go for a paddle, staying close to shore. . .
    Susan: We really get to experience a variety, up close and personal.
    LPC: The foghorns we hear are from the ships at anchor just offshore -- sometimes right outside my bedroom, it seems!
    Hostess: Ours lasted for several hours, but did eventually lift.
    I haven't really noticed that there's a salt tang to the fog, but that may be because right on the water I've simply got so accustomed to the salt that I'm not smelling it . . .
    K: I know, Drabuary . . .

  7. So evocative I felt a chill rising up my arms! Fog is a mood that invites fire, cider, cashmere and cooking something that involves melted cheese.

    Foghorn is one of my favourite sounds ever.

  8. Le sigh!!! I adore that kind of weather. It makes me want to sit on your porch and read Doestoevsky and write poetry so bad that no one would ever read it. Gorgeously bleak( in a wonderful way).

  9. Photos 2 and 4 are just gorgeous. A day for eating pea soup.

  10. Duchesse: Oooh, you're right about the melted cheese, especially a nice sharp Cheddar. Even in something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich. . . as for the foghorn, I love the sound as well, but this morning, one of the ships waiting nearby to unload, let out the most protracted honk I've ever heard. I was worried that the mechanism between that colossal sound had got stuck, like a bad car alarm! It did eventually stop, but it lasted for close to a minute, really!
    Belette: I'll just pop the kettle on for some Oolong then, shall I?
    Terri: Pea soup and grilled cheese sandwiches . . .


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