Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trading Cuteness for Patience . . .

If I had a blog Executive Assistant, I would ask her to take pictures of a few important items for the Five Accessories meme Une Femme tagged me with, upload them to Blogger, and write up a few accompanying words.
Next, I'd get her to flesh my spartan (read, almost non-existent) notes about food we ate in Yountville into a decent account and find an appropriate accompanying photo. Then perhaps she'd take my better camera out into the garden or out and about on the island and find some visual yummies for one more post for the week OR maybe even snap a shot or two of me as I wrote furiously away on my academic assignment, dressed in full sartorial splendour (No! not wearing my pyjamas! Whatever would make you think I wear my pyjamas all the time just 'cause I'm working at home?!).
Sadly, no such blogging EA exists in my life, nor is anyone volunteering to finish the paper I'm supposed to submit two weeks from yesterday. Still, I don't want you to forget me while I'm slugging it out here, so when we visited Daughter #2 this weekend to see her wonderful new Persian kitten, Briar, I brought along my camera. He does all those cute things that kittens do, but he does most of them too fast for my little camera to grab satisfactorily. Thank goodness he looks almost as cute just sitting still . . .
and since we're on the topic of cuteness . . .
This one's for Duchesse who made a special request. . . Again, trying to catch a decent shot with the small camera was tough, especially in a small apartment where the sightlines were so often interrupted. A belly-button demonstration was in progress here, so it's not ideal, but Nana thinks it's pretty damn cute anyway. . .

And those other posts are in the works . . . thanks for your patience . . .


  1. Sorry kitten, Nola wins the cuteness derby today:). And probably always...

  2. OMG THAT FACE!!!!!! And the kitty is pretty cute too!!;-) Truly, that cat has an amazing puss. It looks like a cartoon character. Thanks for the big hit of cuteness.:-)

  3. So much cuteness in one blog post!! Have you taught her "I'm a Little Teapot" yet? (Nola, I mean.) That will make for some cute overload video.

    No worries about the tag, there's no obligation or expiration date.

  4. You cannot compare a kitten with a toddler - it's just not fair.

  5. When in doubt, grandchildren and kitties suffice! Briar seems a little bit afraid of that ball.

  6. Thought I'd better jump in here quickly to comment that Rhiannon is absolutely right -- it really isn't fair to compare Briar and Nola. To me, they were simply different examples of cuteness. And although Hostess is absolutely entitled to disagree, and I would expect her to, I'm pretty convinced that Briar just may be the cutest kittie ever. . . as LBR says, a face right out of a cartoon.
    and Susan, he was simply strategizing . . .

  7. perhaps it is a research assistant you need. Some perfectly willing (and hungry) young graduate student.

  8. Oh! Thank you! Not only a photo but a discovery shot! I imagine one can see the young woman emerging one day... might that bellybutton ever be pierced? Would Nana object?

  9. Nola is adorable...I only wish that I was permitted to show you my grandbaby Isla...
    Briar is very cute and looks like a lovely Persian but I am currently infatuated with Pepper and I am still shocked at how fast she has charmed me...

    Good luck with that paper mater...

  10. Terri: Hmmmm. . . . but then I'd have to get organized enough to delegate, wouldn't I!
    Duchesse: I wasn't thrilled when my daughters got piercings and tattooes, but they were past the age of majority so it wasn't my business. And of course it won't be my business at all if Little Girl does, one day. Not sure if I'll like it, though . . .
    Hostess: I keep wondering when I'll get shut down on the photo sharing, but so far . . . You know I'm going to be partial to our little Persian now, but I'll concede second place to your very cute Pepper.

  11. Amazingly, I had one of those cats; I gave it a home after it was given away by someone allergic to cats! I kept him a while, living in London though I dared not let him out for fear of him being turned into a coat. Eventually his hair began to fall out and he was diagnosed with stress/ boredom, so I shipped him to my sister and she then shipped him to my mother, who hates cats but developed a soft spot for him, he lived his twilight years as a cat should, outside chasing mice.
    The weather is pretty dismal here too, making photography almost impossible; roll on Cyprus,though it is struggling to get above 16 there!

  12. I'm glad your cat's story ended happily, Alison. I can't imagine my daughter (Rhiannon, above) ever giving up Briar . . . but I suppose if worst came to worst, he'd end up here, another hand-me-down cat (we're currently hosting Daughter#1's cast-off, who couldn't make the switch to urban apartment)


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