Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

The days around Christmas were marked around here by an absolutely silly amount of rainfall -- it just kept pounding down, grey and soggy. Then came stormy winds, still accompanied with bursts of rain, but also partnering with the occasional patch of sunshine.
Waves rushed in, scouring the beach, rearranging huge logs, dragging the gravelly sand as they retreated. . .
And the storms ushered in
these glorious postcard days, cold, clear, bright. . .
the perfect beginning for a New Year, the reminder that while there are no guarantees, storms are often followed by serenity, cleansing, hope. . . May that be true for you in 2011!

I still rather like my January 2008 post for a prescription of how to embark on my new year. Check it out, if you'd like . . .


  1. Oh, that BLUE! The depth of the blue in the sky and sea in those top two pics is just amazing.

    We've had rain, and wind and COLD, (which was actually nice as it's prompted me to light a fire in the fireplace the last two nights). Today we have cold, brilliant sunshine, but the rain is moving this way by tomorrow. We'll be outside with le fils as much as possible today.

    Happy New Year to you and Pater!

  2. Oh, I love this vista! We've been in a bizarre trough. The rest of the world has been massively hit by snow and rain, but we just have grey, dry days for weeks. (Well, except today when it's pouring...)

  3. Happy New Year!! Sounds like we're having the same weather - strange :)

  4. I can almost feel your ocean air. Happy New Year.

  5. Pseu: When you see colours like this in sea and sky, you've got to wondered why the association between blue and depression ever arose, really. And then grey, which does seem depressing, can offer the comforts you suggest of indoor warmth, fires, books, music, good food, all against the dull skies. Sounds as if you're wisely making the most of both -- Happy New Year!
    K: I suppose you Torontonians know well how to count your blessings in these conditions, knowing they're not likely to last.
    Jillian: You're probably not getting quite as cold, though, are you? The saltwater in the harbour has had an ice crust a half-inch thick this last day or so.
    LPC: Seashore images really are evocative, aren't they? They get to some atavistic part of our brain, the part that crawled out of the water way back in the day . . .

  6. So beautiful. Looking at water always has a calming effect on me, even when it's stormy, so living with that view must be amazing.

  7. These sunlit days are gorgeous, I agree. Happy New Year, Mater.


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