Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stormy Seas -- but no scarf-tying. . .

This is for Lisa, who requested some sea action -- I captured some of this morning's stormy drama, and, at the end of the video, evidence that I ran outside in my pj's and slippers just to grab you all a bit of Neptune's excitement -- Enjoy!

**the scarf-tying, negatively featured in my post title, is a reference, of course, to Une Femme's much more fabulous videos which are both entertaining and stylishly informative.


  1. Wonderful! And I like your slippers too.

    We love watching Une Femme's scarf-tying videos. I've been spreading the word about them to my girlfriends.

  2. Oh, you live in the most beautiful place ever.

  3. Those are some seriously roiling waters. I'll bet trips by boat aren't too much fun right now.

    And thanks for the mention!

  4. This is such fun...wave action and a glimpse of your slippers!
    This could be a regular post...the sea action as seen by mater! Thanks Lisa for suggesting it.

  5. Susan T: Thanks! And yes, isn't that Pseu a whiz at the scarves -- and at v. professional videos as well.
    K: I know! I remind myself of that as I fume about the septic system.
    Pseu: It's def. a better day for staying in than for crossing the water!
    Hostess: It was fun to do -- glad you enjoyed it.
    Lisa: You're most welcome.

  6. Fantastic! I miss the water. Being landlocked really stinks.

  7. what a dedicated blogger you are! In your jammies no less.

  8. Gina: I can't imagine -- I've never lived away from it, all my life. . .
    Terri: what I do for my readers;-)


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