Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Island Life, Beauties and Beasts

I took these photos almost two weeks ago, thinking they'd make a pretty post -- details from a slightly decrepit wicker patio chair, beach rocks someone has arranged on a garden stone. Turns out they're the perfect shots to focus me on the beautiful when I'm being assailed by the ugly.
In what form is the ugliness manifesting, you ask? Well, as I was drifting off to sleep last night, I heard the unmistakable tones of the septic pump alarm. Not good, that. As I've mentioned before, on our island we each maintain our own tanks and pump the liquid portion into the city system. When the pump isn't working, life gets complicated.
We've been problem-free since putting in a new pump back in February 2009, but something's unhappy now. So I can't put any water down any drains and Pater's in Vancouver for the week. And we've got a wind warning up, so I'm not sure how happy the pump man will be to come over.
But I'm going to be a bit Scarlett O'Hara in the face of this calamity -- I'm heading off to my 9:15 hair appointment to get pampered and cut and coloured and regaled with funny stories and perhaps some bitchy gossip and all the other good stuff. I'll worry my newly-coiffed head about the pump later . . . .
May you find beauty and pampering to distract you from the uglies today as well. . .


  1. Isn't home ownership fun? Yes, you definitely need some pampering and TLC before facing the septic tank guy. Good luck, I hope it can be easily taken care of.

  2. Yikes. Your home infrastructure is certainly putting you through your paces this year. Compensate through personal fluffing. I agree.

  3. Remember that last septic repair. Hope this is not serious, but any time you can't run water is difficult.
    But staying home unstyled wouldn't affect your drains, so might as well improve your mood.

  4. May the septic problem prove to be a false alarm...

    the rocks are lovely. I am forever trying to snap photos of the beautiful colors I see in river rocks, but when the stones are removed from the water they are never quite so lovely.

  5. oh, Scarlet, hope your hair came out great and you got good scoops..

  6. Mater,
    Septic woes are never fun...bathing might prove to be difficult...perhaps you might need to do what I did for 6 weeks during the bathroom reno...
    stand in a galvanized tub with a solar shower above my head...shower curtain duck taped to the wall.
    Scarlett was a resourceful gal and I am sure that you are too.
    I hope that you took a hat or scarf to keep your coifed hair from tha howling wind...it is fierce right now.

  7. Nancy: Lots of pampering needed, yes! He's not able to make it 'til Thursday!
    LPC: At least now I've got a very solid roof over my head and some extra skylights for the rain to pour down on and the sun to shine through. . . all to distract me from the indignities of the septic system.
    Duchesse: That's exactly what I thought -- foregoing my pampering wasn't going to get the pump operative (if it would, I'd have willingly sacrificed).
    Terri: If ever I'd wish for a false alarm, this would be it. . . sadly, there's no pumping, so even if it's easily fixed, there's still going to be two not-so-nice days without.
    I agree with you about those river rocks. As with beach glass, they're so much more attractive when wet.
    F>50: Thanks for the good wishes -- I did, indeed, have a lovely and successful salon visit.
    Hostess: Six weeks of bathroom renos would really try my patience! The problem here is that NOTHING can go down ANY drains -- we've got the water running, and I can divert some of the grey water via catching it in bowls and carrying it outside, but there are limits to one's resources when sewage is involved.
    Stay warm and dry -- it's really pelting down right now and the wind is beginning to build.

  8. With you all the way on putting the most important things first; I find house maintenance the worst way to shell out money with so little to see for it. We have lost half our guttering plus a burst pipe so far! Would dread your problem though, what price that view!

  9. Alison: Yikes! Burst pipe in an older home, not good at all. Hope there wasn't too much water damage and that all plumbing's back in operation now.

  10. Thank goodness for the pretty pictures and self-pampering. I'm all for a little indulgences to make one feel better in the face of ugliness. I will long remember when our septic failed and our front yard collapsed into a swampy sewer. We had no idea.

    I am sure you are resourceful in the face of any emergency.


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