Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Wintry View

Brrrr! If you'll allow a theatrical shiver or three, here are some cold-looking photos of the view from here. . . .
The wind-whipped, white-capped grey waves matched the steely shades of the sky . . .
But the snow does brighten the landscape up
Although it doesn't quite manage to enliven this sad evocation of summer meals. . . .
Brrrrr! or did I say that already?
Has winter found your place yet?


  1. Incredible, it is 14C here, don't even need a jacket! Aren't you glad you are all set with boots and finished with that reno?

  2. Yes, it's cold down here but from inside it looks no different:(.

  3. Brrr, indeed! It's been quite chillier than normal here, but for us that means 50F-60F range. No snow, certainly!

    Weather like you're having calls for a nice fire in the fireplace and a mug of steaming tea...

  4. Yes. And it is one month too early! I am not happy about snow at all. You have so little of it. That amount I could handle with,

  5. Yes we are freezing...brrr :)
    Boots, lined gloves, wooly scarves, hats and coats are required...wind chill factor and the furnace is running 24/7...it does clean up the outdoors until it starts to melt into muddy slush!

  6. Wow. But so pretty ... I can't imagine living in that sort of climate - 12C is a freezing cold day for us. The temp there seems to drop really quickly or is that just my perception?

  7. Isn't it funny how the water can look cold even without the ice?? Not looking forward to the snow here in NE..hasnt hit yet, thank God!

  8. This is the kind of post that makes me want to look at how much flights are to Vancouver.

  9. Duchesse: I'm so glad the roof's done, yes!! And what a funny reversal of weather we're having between us.
    LPC: Yes, the snow really does give the cold a strong visual. . . we've been well below freezing for a few days, but the snow makes it look even colder, to me at least.
    Pseu: Fireplace, check. Steaming tea, check . . . thank goodness for the simple creature comforts. . .
    Metscan: Yes, this amount is easy to get around in, certainly. I don't envy you a long winter full of deep drifts.
    Hostess: At least it looks as if there will be a steady rain to take it away this weekend, right?
    Tiffany: You're right, we've dropped over 10 degrees Celsius in a matter of days. I'm hoping we'll soon be reversing that.
    F>50: That cold steel grey and blue really make we want to reach for a sweater.
    LBR: I'm waiting . . .

  10. Oh yes we have a bitter frost here already, too cold to snow as my gran would say though.
    Even under snow your place looks just so lovely.

  11. Oh, I am jealous of your winter! LBR - you read my mind. But I want a one-way ticket :-)


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