Friday, November 19, 2010

What I Wore to Drink My Tea (and Teach my Classes). . .

What? Is that argument still rankling? No, just kidding. . . . I'm smiling, if rushing, and grateful to Pater for wielding the camera despite the morning insanity. And he's so good about making sure to include the footwear, bit of a photographic challenge really.
So it's all black except for my Fine Bone China mug (I'm so particular about size, and fine-ness of rim, and weight, etc., I dread this one breaking as I haven't yet found another that gets it all right).
Jersey top: Spanner
Heavy jersey skirt: BCBG MaxAzria
Boots: Fluevog (I'm just loving these, as you'll have noticed!)
With the rivets (is that what these are called?) grommets (thanks, readers, for giving me the right word -- shouldn't write in a rush, nor when brain-dead!) in the top, jewelry would be superfluous, but I'm wearing small gold balls (Tiffany) and my everyday stainless Coach watch.

We're readying for our first snow of the season on the Coast, but it's going to be slushy stuff. I'm hoping I'll have arrived in Vancouver by the time it hits -- the Upper Level Highway from the ferry is never fun in snow, given the elevation and the curves and the steep drive down to the Lions Gate Bridge through Friday-night traffic is never fun anyway. But fun will abound in Vancouver tomorrow -- we'll be celebrating a certain second birthday! And my son's travelling over from Victoria. Can't wait for all the hugs and excitement. I'll keep you post-ed!


  1. Love the grommets on the neckline! While it's true a necklace would have been too much, I think some simple earrings can be safely done without risking overkill. You look smashing as always. Safe travels and have a great weekend.

  2. I have that same appendage in the morning--my cuppa!
    Those boots are smashing...I have enough, as you may know...
    Snow? Agh...

  3. I have a purse that has grommets all over it that would be perfect with this outfit. I could either send you the bag or you could send me the outfit. I know which solution I like best.;-)

  4. Two already! You are a glamorous gran.

  5. I am so with you on the porcelain cup. I have one nicked(!) from a Norway hotel that is the perfect petite size and a large, wonderfully slim cup from Scotland (properly purchased!) that I adore. Thick, matte pottery diminishes my thirst . . .

  6. Pseu: Thanks, Pseu, and of course I meant "grommets" not "rivets"!
    F>50: Enough boots? Now there's a concept . . .
    LBR: I have a better plan -- you bring your bag up to visit me, and we go out for a grommet-twins drink together!
    Duchesse: It's true . . . two! These years will obviously whip past as speedily as the preceding generation's.
    Miss C: Yes! And the shape of the lip is very important. And every time I've broken a favourite teacup, the dismay seems disproportionate to others. At least this one has a (hand-painted) design I don't especially love. Earlier cups have nearly broken my heart when their exquisite designs shattered . . .

  7. Very chic outfit. I hope the birthday was great fun for everyone (but especially Little Miss Two herself).

  8. Sorry for arriving late with my comment. You are soon on Sunday time, as we are living the early afternoon. I´m sure you have had a fab time. Hugging is a basic human need, and luckily your family shares lots of them. The snow over here, that was supposed to melt away, has stayed Grrr! So happy to have the privilege to stay inside: )

  9. Hi Mater, I, too, am slow at commenting theses days, sorry. It's already Sunday night here - hope your weekend went swimmingly and that a good time was had by all at the birthday celebrations! P.

  10. Tiffany: She did have a great party -- and she still has the daycare celebration on the actual day, Monday.
    Metscan: We only get a few centimetres of snow, so not too bad, but it's stayed at freezing temps, making me want to stay by the fire. Indoor coziness is still a pleasure this early in winter, right?
    Patricia: Hope you had a good weekend as well, thanks.

  11. Since I am so far behind I shall merely say that the dress is fabulous.


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